I just read a short story

Dec 10, 2008
by: KCardona
What I'm good at

I just read a short story, "I stand here ironing" by Tillie Olsen and I disliked liked it because it was boring and it didn't really capture my attention. While it wasn't difficult for me to fallow it was mundane. The story was in itself tragic and the narrator the mother of Emily has very complicated emotions that for me were very difficult to fallow.

One line from "I stand here ironing" that stands out for me is "-Twice, only twice, when i had to get up for Susan anyhow, I went in to sit with her. Now when it is too late (as if she would let me hold and comfort her like I do the others) I get up and go and asker her 'can I get you something?' and the answer is always the same: No, Im all right, go back to sleep mother". This stood out for me because up until I was 10 I was a really needy kid. "Mommy this" "Mommy that" you can bet that if I had a nightmare my mother would be running to comfort me or I’d cry until she did. It seems lonely and sad to have a child refuse comfort when you know that they desperately need it.

Another line that I liked is “Only help her to know that she is more than this dress on the ironing board, helpless before the iron" I liked this sentence because I thought the symbolism was pretty cool. The article is saying that she’s not trapped that she can do more have a lot of options instead of having one and helpless to do anything to change that.

"I stand here ironing" reminds me of something that happened to me. Katherina wow where to do I begin well she’s my daughter and I love her but sometimes she does things that just argh. For one she does not shut up. I can hear her "Whispering" across the room, she only shut's up when she’s sleeping and even then I swear she mumbles in her sleep.
    She doesn’t know how to cook what she’s gonna do when she gets to college I have no idea starve most likely and I’ll be damned before I teacher how to cook two weeks before she has to go away. Another thing she is so irresponsible I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard her tell me "Ma I’ll be home before 5:35" "Of course I’ll be home at 7:30" and comes home an hr later irresponsible i tell you.

I wouldn’t like to more stories by Tillie Olsen because one Im not sure if the lady is around anymore, and two her style of writing wasn’t very appealing to me, it bored me to tears.