I live through (Where I'm from poem)

Jan 11, 2009
by: fahmed

I live through waking up to Indian Spices every morning
Live through eating cereal alone in the dark
Everyone sitting around a red cloth having fun just being together
The pizzeria always in a rush and everyone running on Dunkin'
Through the streets of Madhuranagar, so lively
And through Hoover Av's colorful fall trees
Straight into the hearts of the beautiful people in a huge house
Out in the open of the Buckingham staring at the empty 4th floor
Through the cold hearted geeks
Too cold to live through the human pillow and curryman
From the Chowmallah Palace and Charminar To the Twin Towers and Empire State Building
From the American though to be delicate
To the Lazy bug, called mature, baffled, but intellectual girl
From the unknown dancer to the organized, lost one
Lived through the heart attacks and accidents
I live trough the back flashes preserved in tons of albums
The big green bag zip~un zip it
Living through the still and dancing moments
Through the shadows and highlights of both worlds
Now I live in and breath through the life the streets of a place called New York City has given me...



Submitted by Shelby18 on Sun, 2009-01-18 14:20.

This poem is really great. I love all the descriptions, the originality, I can really tell that you put yourself into it.