Mar 19, 2015
by: 20rajua
Ice Screenshot
Ice Act 1 Storyboard
Ice Act 2 Storyboard
Ice Act 3 Storyboard
Ice Act 4 Storyboard

This is a project of mine that I created through Scratch as part of a technology project. It’s an animation on how a group of four people manage to survive in Antarctica despite the brutal conditions they face. It all starts when their plane crash lands on Antarctica and are forced to head to the Southern Ocean with their boats and possibly row to their research station that they were heading to. They endure many hardships and eventually reach there.

Act 1 Scene 1:
Setting: Inside the Airplane (from cockpit)

John: I see turbulence ahead on my radar folks , I’ll be going on a new route.
Jake: Okay captain.
Sarah: It’s looks great outside, look at the barren ice.
Martha: I know right.
[Wait a couple of seconds]
[Light starts blinking]
John: Guys, the engine light is blinking.
Sarah: Yeah and smoke is billowing from Engine 2.
John: Don’t tell me this is happening…
Jake: What?
John: Guys, prepare to crash land.

Act 2 Scene 2:
Setting: On the Antarctic Ice with Crashed Plane Behind

Martha: Phew! We barely made that out alive!
Jake: I know, but the real problem is how will we get to the Wilkes Station from here?
John: I have no idea… I think the station is hundreds of miles from here.
Sarah: So…we’re all dead sooner or later.
John: Precisely.
Jake: So what do we do, just die here?
John: No, we’ll try to find the coast, take our boats and hope that we find that station, or we die trying. What do you folks think?
Sarah: Sure… I guess.
John: Okay! Everyone get their boat!
[Everyone goes and gets their boat and comes back]

Act 3 Scene 3:
Setting: One the Icy Water In Boats

Note: Begin with “One Day Later…”
[Everyone rowing]
John: Thank god we got to the ocean.
Sarah: Yeah.
John: Com’on guys hustle!
Jake: Were all trying to but I haven’t taken my sciatopria medicine in two days now.
[Jake thinks Ughhh....]
John: Sciatopria or not, we must keep moving as a team!
[Keep Rowing]
Sarah: John, this is pointless, we’ll never get there.
John: Yes we will! If only y’all have the determination to do it. Just keep rowing!
Martha: She’s right, we’re already a bit hungry and Jake is dying from sciatopria! Lets just stay here and not work ourselves to death!
John: Just keep rowing! This isn’t pointless.
[Keep Rowing]
Jake: Are you sure we’re going the right way?
John: Yes we are! Now keep rowing!

Act 4 Scene 4:
Setting: Stage Left: The Boats with the People Inside / Stage Right: The Station with People

Note: Begin with “Two Weeks Later”
[Everyone rowing]
Martha: Ugh…
John: Keep fighting everyone! Keep fighting!
Sarah: There’s no point in this.
John: Yes there is!
Jake: I feel like throwing up.
John: Just do it outside.
Martha: See, we should just end here.
John: Wait… I see the Station!
Sarah: Are you serious!
John: Keep rowing! Help!
[Kept rowing]
Rescue Team: Help is coming!
[Rescue Teams reach them and they all come to shore.]
John: So, what’s our first task here at Wilkes?

Developer’s Log 1: At School on 3/12/15

Today I worked a little bit on my title sequence and found a way to “control” the letters. The main issue today was that I was not able to finish what I hoped to finish today because I had to complete my Project Plan and Schedule, which cost me about ten minutes of work. I will change the procedure by doing my title sequence tomorrow in Session 2 (3/13/15 At Home).

Developer’s Log 2: At School on Monday 3/15/15

Today I worked on part of Act 1 in class and figured out a new and more efficient way that I could use to get this done a bit quicker. The main issue today was that I was trying to apply that technique to my project, which required a bit of thought. So, I just thought it through and eventually found a way to go around these issues. I was able to finish part of Act 1 and lay the foundations for my other acts. One major change to my project plan would be that I didn’t work on the weekends due to an unexpected overwhelming amount of homework and other activities. I will make up that time by working a couple of hours today and a couple of hours tomorrow.

Developer’s Log- At Home on Monday 3/15/15

Today I worked on both Act 1 and Act 2 as well and finished them. This took me about 3-4 hours to complete. There were no major issues today other than slight changes to the script. One of these changes is that since I couldn’t make the red light blink, it’s just going to be on the entire time. Also, because I couldn’t fit the picture to the screen, I was forced to “black out” some empty space. Finally, I ran over the time limit by 2 hours, so I would change my plan so that each scene would take about 1 hour 45 minutes instead of 1 hour 30 min.

Developer’s Log: At Home- Tuesday 3/17/15

Today I officially finished the project, and I accomplished it in about 4 hours, so I was close to my estimate. I finished Acts 3 and 4 and edited it and did the final touches. One problem that was time consuming was that I had to make the sprites move at the same rate as the boat, which was hard and time consuming. However, after 30 minutes or so, I figured it out, but I had to then cut out the opening screens like “Two Weeks Later”,etc. Another problem that I ran into was that I was trying to make the background of the sprite clear so that the actual background would show. So I had to ask my mom how I could achieve it and in the process used Microsoft Publisher. We eventually found out how to do it and I just kept moving ahead. Also, because of time, I had to exclude the scene of how they rescue them, and I made the scenes immediately jump to the next.