Identity Crisis

Jan 31, 2012
by: jonesy

Today in religion we were discussing how Americans basically think they are the coolest ever, but every other country in the world think that Americans are fat, pretentious losers. This got me thinking, "Does everyone literally hate us? And if so, is there anything at all we can do to get them to like us?"

I don't really have a stand to take on it, I just think that it's fascinating to think about. It's interesting that basically every young American I've ever spoken to has hopes to travel to Europe sometime in their life, but at the same time Europeans are some of the main contenders when it comes to mocking our disgusting habits.

Don't get me wrong, America is just as filled with prejudice as my punch bowl is filled with kool-aid. It actually kind of upsets me how much it seems like we set ourselves up.

I mean, what did we expect the Italians' reaction to be when we broadcast a show like Jersey Shore? Maybe we just thought they would laugh it off and continue making pizzas and famous landmarks.



Submitted by 15RudolphE on Tue, 2012-01-31 12:32.

I thought that your discussion posed some pretty interesting points. It's actually funny because from my experiences, people in Europe want to be like the people here in America, and it's actually a treat for them when Americans come to visit.

I mean, this may just be in my case because I have family that lives in Europe, however, even my most distant cousins and family members that I have never met before welcomed me into their homes, cooking big dinners with excited smiles on their faces.

They never seemed to "put down" anything "American," and my mother, who actually grew up in Europe said that when she was a child, she was actually intimidated by Americans. So maybe this while "fat American" stereotype in Europe is just a front? Who knows.

I also don't believe in generalizations like this, and there are probably many people with numerous points of view on this topic.

Should we care what they think of us?

Submitted by 15bayshtokg on Tue, 2012-01-31 12:34.

I really liked your post, "Identity Crisis" because it was really interesting to read. This post of yours made me wonder how we, and more specifically, I am viewed by other people who do not live in America.

I can agree America is filled with many people that are under-educated and as you can see, fat. I guess that's what they think of us as a free country. As you mentioned before, when a T.V. show like Jersey Shore goes on air in Italy, to them, they probably see it as a joke, or some foolish Americans. What the cast doesn't realize is that they're stupid and need a better education instead of going to clubs every day.

Anyways, I have to admit, even though I live in New York, there are definitely some people who need some manners and education. On the other hand, I'm sure there are plenty of people that ARE as good as the people in for example, Europe.

I believe sometimes those kind of places are over-rated, but we just have to deal with the people we live with and not care what they think of us.