If i should die before i wake

May 13, 2015
by: GraceJ

I read the book If i should die before i wake. This book is about a girl named Hilary, Hilary is a neo-nazi gang who unfortunately gets in a motorcycle accident leaving her in a coma at a jewish hospital. In her coma she discovers another world in side of her head, the life of a girl named Chana who’s a jewish girl living in the jewish ghettos. She gets separated from her family and gets caught for having illegal papers so she is sent to a concentration camp. She understands the hardships of being a jew in a concentration camp and goes through lack of food, not being able to get fresh air when wanted and being interrogated every day. I think that this was a interesting book because you got two perspectives on the holocaust. One on a neo-nazi and one on a jewish in the ghettos. It was interesting watching a neo-nazi minded girl living the life of a jewish prisoner. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the holocaust.


This book title caught my eye

Submitted by jordanh18 on Thu, 2015-05-21 21:54.

This book title caught my eye . It made me think what if that really happens. I really like learning about the history of our country so this might be a good book.

HI! This book sounds really

Submitted by JessicaT18 on Mon, 2015-05-25 18:59.

HI! This book sounds really interesting because I like learning about the Holocaust. I'm going to look into this book because I feel like this is a very fascinating topic! I also liked the amount of detail you gave, in your book talk! Thanks for the great read!!