Illuminati the reality

Apr 20, 2012
by: candan

Something that made me interested in “the Illuminati” was hearing people talk about it. Also I wanted to do more research on this topic because since most of what I heard has to do with the music industry I found it very entertaining to talk about this topic since I love music. I learned about this topic one day I was bored and I was watching videos, so I came across this one video that caught my attention so I clicked on it and it was all about the Illuminati. I think that others know the same information as me on the Illuminati the only difference is that am just getting started on doing the research and getting new information.

To be honest I really don't know much about this topic am basically new to the topic. But what I do know is that the Illuminati basically deals with the music industry. Basically this is a pact with the devil that once you’re in it you can't get out, and if you do you your life has to suffer in other words you die. Also the famous people that are in this pact basically have a message that they are trying to let the world know but backwards.

As I was doing research I came across this on article by Allen Burgess “what is the truth about the illuminati” which talks about what the Illuminati is and it’s meaning. Illuminati means the enlightened one the one who believes and worships the divine. This article also talks about how the government has a lot to do with this and how they know a lot they just don’t say. This kind off answers my question because it tells me some of the basic information like who deals with all of this and who is involved.

I had also looked at an article vc”Jay-z run this town and the occult connection” and I had read that this video contains occult symbolism. It is also said that the director who did this video also directed Rhianna's which had something to do with the devil possession. I think this is all a coincidence that the director that did this videos had something to do with the devil and the Illuminati. It is also said not only do this artist believe in the devil but they also wear clothing that has a message that they want to bring out to the open.

In Illuminati:hip hop industry in this site they explain how those artist that deal with the devil basically become his puppet and do as he says. “Most of these rappers and singers become part of the problem instead of the solution, some because of fear of the implications of going against these devils” I think that most of the singers are just scared not of him but of what he might do with them because we have seen it all the time where many of our very important artist have died and the first thing people mention is that they had a pact with the devil. I think is ridiculous how people have more love for the love for the money and fame then they do to the love of their family and themselves.
In What Is The Illuminati?are they real?does the Illuminati control the world?what is the history of the Illuminati? by Reality Bites it is expressed that for those that don't believe in the Illuminati history does show that this organization does exist, and it was founded by a barbarian professor of law. They also said that the Illuminati was all started on the day called mayday on the day it was found it was also the day that American made the declaration of independence. I believe that the government has a lot to do with this just as the music industry but my question is: is it all real or do some artist just want the fame and attention on them to get them the money.?

After all I believe that if the Illuminati does exist and people want to be part of it they should go right ahead and do it if that makes them happy and they think they think that is way to go then go ahead and do it I mean is there life nobody has control over them but themselves. In Conclusion I feel that devil is not the way to go I mean if he really exist but not everyone is the same.