I'm Inspired

Nov 7, 2008
by: arosario

I am inspired by Barack Obama because he showed me and other people that anything in possible for example when he first started running it was like a big joke to some people and also he didn't have  that many support and look at him now hes the next president of the United States .He has also inspired me because I learned that if I want to do something it doesn't matter what other people say or do.

People can make anything possible.

I am happy that Barack Obama won the election because I like what he represents .Also because he made a lot of people vote for the democratic.Also because he is gonna make alot of good changes. Also because he is gonna charge the right people.


Yeah! Some people thought

Submitted by 12tongk on Thu, 2009-02-26 11:13.

Yeah! Some people thought that when Obama started running it was all a joke. Look now! Obama is now the president and the people that thought his running was a joke are now being mentally laughed at by themselves. Your blog was really inspirational.

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