Imadoki by Yu Watase

Oct 22, 2009
by: SadiaM

Imadoki is really about a girl that moved to a small village to an big city (Tokyo). She had to leave her grandparents from the village to go to a big school in Tokyo. She lived by herself for three semesters with her pet baby fox , Nyo. So one day she was going to visit the school but the door was locked she went around the back. She found that it was a dead end and drove bike over that gate. She then found a “friend” that goes to the school. Imadoki bummed on to the boy that was supposed to be her “first friend”. Imandoki’s friend saw that she was injured so he took a clothe he had and tied it around her. Later on that day Imadoki thanked him for the help and drove home. Later on the series Imadoki was found kissing her first friend’s brother. That’s all I can tell you readers. But if you want to read the whole series than you can on the website that’s called I hope you have a good time reading the book.


I read the manga you talked

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Submitted by angelad on Wed, 2009-10-28 19:02.

I read the manga you talked about and it was interesting. Do you read the manga Vampire Knight? It's the most popular shoujo manga in the website. I go to everyday to read the popular shoujo manga. The manga is from Matsuri Hino, I think. Do you like shoujo manga or shonen manga?