Imaginary Girls By: Nova Ren Suma

Mar 11, 2013
by: 17zhul

"Was she so drunk she didn't even recall how to find her own house?" -Page 95.

I remembered this quote the most because I thgought it was funny and that Chloe thought London was drunk. The reason why this quote was kinf og funny was because the way that I could picture all of them in the car and Chloe just having a thought bubble saying that. This book is strange becasue at first the author brings up Cloe and her bug sister (technically a half-sister), Ruby and thet they love eachother and they're always there for eachother. Also, Chloe has to swin across a resevoir that they live next to, and then they find London and that's the reason why Chloe had to move away and live with her father. Then when Ruby convinces her to come back, London is "back from the dead"... And now what?