Imani All Mine

Jan 17, 2012
by: diamondm

The book that i chose to read is so far OKAY. Reading the first chapter of the book made me want to know the girl Tasha more just to tell her that she’s not alone. There’s a lot of teen parents out here that struggles just as much as she does. The girl also sounds a bit illiterate. I'm guessing it’s because she is a young parent that is barely in the ninth grade.

I am not enjoying the book Imani All Mine by Connie Porter because when i read it i feel as if I'm illiterate. An example of why i feel that way is on page nine “Eboni give me these gold earrings with my name on them. They not real gold. They that fake gold them Arabians be selling down in the Main Place Mall. The earrings nice, though. They ain’t turn my ears green or make break out or nothing. Miss Odetta give me a card with twenty dollars in it. Mama give me a new pair of sneakers”. Tasha just turned fifteen. Its understandable to not be so educated but having a baby on top of that puts a pause on your life. It also interferes with your education and career. Tasha doesn't understand what it is to be a mother or an adult period.

The plot is about the young girl and her struggling experience she’s been going through with having this baby. I’ve noticed that her mother doesn't really help her in this situation either. Tasha lives in a world where there’s racism and poverty all around her. It almost reminds me of the young teen mothers that are having babies everyday. These girls want to grow up so fast and that's the problem. Before they can become an adult they’re already having babies. Without an education there’s no job and without a job it’s very hard to support a baby.

I am not looking forward to reading the rest of this book because i like books that are challenging for me and something to catch my attention. The book Imani All Mine didn't seem attractive to me. I felt as if i was reading a seventh grade book. I’m probably going to read the next chapter to see maybe if the book is good after all. If I don't like it I will just switch to a different book.