The Importance Of Agriculture

Nov 4, 2010

Recently in advisory, we’ve been studying agriculture. At first i thought that this was going to be interesting learning how the food is grown. Now, after i have finished watching the movie “Fresh,” i have changed my opinion. I have started to think this project is a waste of time. Knowing how the food i eat  is grown and how it affects my life didn’t change anything but a waste of time. I haven’t learned anything important for the phase my life is in right now from that movie. The video just made me feel that food is bad but not like there is anything important about food since there really isn’t much you can do to choose your food in the city. Having a class for actually helping us with our problems in life is better than learning about such subjects. I know that conventional agriculture is killing the environment. For example, By having monoculture  food becomes less nutritious and worse.

One thing i know for sure is that monoculture is bad. Now I’ve studied enough of history to know that farming was much different back in the day.I believe that seeing how no one truly cares about how their food is grown. People these days do not care. They will just continue on with life watching things happen and commenting when someone leads them to some conclusion. where their food comes from is but the least of their worries. Personally it’s funny to me how it cost so much for the video “Fresh.”

I did some research on the the current world’s situation in terms of agriculture. I came across “Fresh.” This movie provided a lot of info. and opinions on agriculture. Some people felt that in order to keep the world’s food supply continue to be efficient enough to supply everyone with food, than traditional agriculture is not enough. Some believe that conventional agriculture is not good for the environment and that monoculture will bring our ecosystems to the ground killing the earth. Quoted from the movie, a statement made was “Monocultures are very dangerous things....Nature doesn't have monocultures. When you grow too much of the same thing you end up too many pests of the same thing.” This statement didn't really surprise me for not like something could be good for the environment. it really doesn’t surprise me because not like anything we do in this day and age would be good for the earth. Humans have left a carbon footprint like no other creature ever to roam the earth. We can’t return much to nature at this point.

In another source, there was a statement about a carbon footprint humans made each year. It states that every year we are using way less than half the materials we use everyday are returned to nature in a positive way. I understood from that one statement that humans are obviously not good the least bit good for the earth. I agree with the author that we should try our best to conserve the nature around us and live in a more conservative sort of way. Another thing was that in each trip to the supermarket, every year we use up a tons and ton of food every year all with materials that  are not contributed back to nature but instead keep on the earth and stay there for years to come.

All of that makes me think how bad we humans are. We waste so much that we don’t contribute anything back. Our one species of homosapiens have affected billions of years of the earth’s forming of life within but only a couple thousand years of life. I do not believe that learning this has made any difference. It takes someone completely ignorant to not have known these facts but than again many people  life with this knowledge and never use it.