The importance of The Gale Database

Apr 14, 2016
by: Jake_sau

This article from the Gale Database talks about some characteristics of diseases and epidemics. It goes in depth about the longevity of some diseases and the extent of a few specific diseases as in an epidemic. The article mentions that some diseases can occur as an epidemic one year, and go away for 30 years and can come back to infect a population. Some diseases have been with humanity for thousands of years and some are as new as 1980. It touched on how diseases are spread. A traveler with built up immunity to a carried disease moves through a new country infecting indigenous people with no immunity or tolerance to the disease. This now has a potential to diffuse through the country infecting the population. After that, there’s talk about contagious diseases to insect borne viruses.

"Emergent diseases (human)." Environmental Encyclopedia. Gale, 2011. Science in Context. Web. 6 Apr. 2016.


Epic Epidemic

Submitted by _kelsin_ on Thu, 2016-04-14 10:51.

I think your post is great, and you seem to have found some good research. That being said, I think you should definitely clearly denote what it is you're researching. I think that your topic is very cool, and I'm interested in learning more. I hope you keep finding more good sources, and that way you can educate me on the topic that is epidemiology.

I liked how you described

Submitted by Amy_Cremer on Thu, 2016-04-14 12:27.

I liked how you described what the Gale's Resource article was about and what it described, but I would have liked to have seen more than only one example from the text so I could gets better idea of what the diseases are actually like and how they spread instead of you just informing me that they do so.