Important Contemporary Issues

Apr 25, 2013
by: msprinkle

Some of the top three contemporary events that have helped to create major headlines within the past century include the rise of internet and social media, the election of President Barack Obama, and the war in Afghanistan. All three of these events have had some type of significant impact on the world and the way we think act and live may be totally different had these events not happened.

Within the past century many important factors have helped shape our minds to the ideas of what is relevant today. I believe one of the most life-altering changes occured within the realm of the internet. The internet has completely changed the way we live our life. It has provided us with a way of learning, a new technological view, answers at the push of a button, and of course the rise of popular social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a major part of many young adult and teenage lives. But the networks don’t stop there, endless apps are created daily with new ways of connecting to others around you and all these apps are available at the push of button. This is has helped to shape our society in a way we would have never dreamed about in past centuries.

Another important event was the election of a new president in 2008, Barack Obama became the first black president to ever grace the halls of the White House. With his election came also the fall of many social and racial barriers held within the United States. Not only did the symbolic barrier disappear but it announced the want of change from the American people after the eight years of war produced by President Bush.

9/11 was also a huge landmark in American history. The attack by Al Qaeda on American soil shocked many people and took the lives of 2,752 innocent citizens. It also marked America as a target for terrorism which directly led to war in Afghanistan. It changed forever the way people would come to see terrorism and security within the United States and started one of the most costly wars of our generation. The war in Afghanistan is a trademark of our generation and defines who America has become today especially financially as well as security wise. Many will never forget the day that led to the war and the destruction of the two towers and the effect it had on America.