Indelible Moments

Oct 1, 2012

EBCHS Jonathan Lopez
Pd. 1 September 28th, 2012

Life has been a journey, adventure, moral, and story all at once plus more. I have seen more than an owl in brooklyn and I’ve learned more than a baby. Like any human we have memories and my most vivid and proud moment was my first time in the studio. My first step through the door I felt a warm vibe and right away it became home. Brewery Recording Studios was the name of the site and it was located in bushwick, not too far from Grand Street Campus High School. The ride there was a short 35 minutes long, I remember because I was rushing and constantly checking the time.

The name of the engineer we were working with was Nick he was a 5’4 witty jewish computer wiz. Nick was a cool dude and he was down to make good music, he seemed to be anxious to work with us because he heard previous samples in cheaper studios so he seen the potential we had. The studio was big there were couches, desks, chairs, books, pens, the whole 9 yards. The booth was the size of a school bathroom, burgundy, and sound proof I was in love. We listened to the instrumentals until it was time for me to record, unfortunately we had to lower the microphone because of my height.

The microphone was dark grey with a sound protector in-front of it. I listened to the music on dre beat headphones, I dimmed the lights and put myself in the zone. There was a glass so I could see my cousins expressions as I was preparing myself, a $50.00 bottle of Hennessy was all I was looking at while I started reciting the verse to myself. Slowly I pulled my hoodie over my head as the beat dropped and I started rapping. Everybody started getting amped as I was blacking out in the booth, had me in there feeling like Rakim. Before I knew I was done and accomplished what I came for.