Indelible Moments

Oct 2, 2012
by: DarrenS

My most memorable moment was when I first got to play organized basketball. It felt way better than playing basketball in a park. Last fall I started playing with a league called Flames. It was a great experience because it made me better and it calmed me down. It was located at John Dewey High School in Coney island. The gym was huge and extremely bright. The referee was very down to earth and active. I enjoyed myself during that season.

The moment that was memorable in that tournament was on a Saturday when I played calm and collectively. The coach told me that I was a awesome player, and that felt great. My team and I went on to win that game. It made me realize that I’m a great organized basketball player. I was proud and took it as a new beginning.

There’s a big difference between playing basketball in a park and playing organized basketball in a gym. For me playing organized basketball requires you to be patient and smart. On the other hand, in park ball, you can just play freely and be wild.

I’ve been playing park basketball all my life. So, when I got to play organized basketball, also known as being under the whistle, it was hard for me. I was so used to playing so wild and not sharing the ball. Under the whistle you have to be calm and smart. As I started playing more organized basketball I got better at it. Recently, I stopped playing park basketball because it’s not really the right way to play ball and get better at it.

In conclusion, I believe playing organized basketball will help you and make you become more aware. It’s like practicing and producing what you know at the same time. Also playing in the gym will help you out a lot.