Indelible Moments

Oct 12, 2012
by: KeannaM

“ Attention everyone, I have an announcement to make.” Ms. Clark loudly said. My friend Kelis and I were putting away the ropes and getting ready to go home. All the other girls on my double dutch team were already sitting down waiting for Ms.Clark to make her announcement. Kelis and I walked to the benches and I assumed that she was going to say something about our competition in Queens next week. It was so loud in the gym because we shared half of it with our school’s basketball team so Ms.Clark told us to get into a circle so we would be able to hear her. “ This week we have to do a lot of practicing. I know you guys have been working hard but we have to work a little harder. We are going against the best teams in New York City and I expect you guys to do your best. “ Ms. Clark said. All of my other team members looked a little frightened by Ms.Clark’s statement but we knew that our team was definitely one of the best.

A whole week went past of hard labor. Ms.Clark made us stay an extra 30 minutes every day after to practice to get ready for our competition. By the end of the week my whole body ached. Our competition was on a saturday and we had to meet up early in the morning just so we could get some extra practice in but she made us make sure we got a lot of rest the night before.

I could remember it like it was yesterday. I was the last person to arrive at my school and my whole team and I wore our yellow collared uniform with a pleated skort, and white adidas shell toes.It was already time for us to board the bus when I was going to talk to Kelis. Ms.Clark told us to get into a line so we could walk out of the school in an orderly fashion. We boarded the bus and we were on our way. Kelis and I sat next to each other on the bus and talked the whole way there. Time flew by and we were already there. I was the first to step of the bus once I laid eyes on the school I said, “ This school is huge! “. Once I walked into the gym, I heard the other teams practicing and because I was so nervous their stomps sounded like an earthquake and the sound of the ropes turning sounded like a whirling wind. The other team

I immediately smelled the freshly put on wax on the gym floors. My eyes felt like they were magnifying glass because when I looked around I seen everything all the other girls, their uniforms, and their coaches. My eyes felt as if they were magnifying glasses because when I looked around all I saw was a whole bunch of faces. Ms.Clark made us put all of our belongings down on the bleachers and she told us to take out the ropes and start practicing. Kelis was the first jumper to go and another girl and I were turning for her. Ms.Clark reassured us that we were on of the best and we’ll do great. Kelis had to compete with another girl and whoever jumped the longest was the winner of the first battle. Kelis ended up winning. After Kelis was me and i was competing in the speed race. The speed race is basically whoever runs the fastest and would be able to stay in the rope the longest. I was so nervous because I seen the other girl practicing and she was doing pretty good. My heart was beating so fast I felt as if i could hear it. Ms.Clark asked me if i ready and I told her yes. I was ready, Kelis & Sandra were turning for me and I always practiced with them so I had a good feeling that I wasn’t going to lose. Ms.Clark had a lot of faith in me. The turners started turning and then the buzzer went off and it was time for me to jump.

The only things I could hear was the sound of the clock ticking and the sound of the rope. When the buzzer stopped I looked directly at the clock and it said 1:06. I knew it wasn’t me who stopped first so I was excited. I ran to Ms.Clark and hugged her because she always said I could do it. I was proud of myself, this was one of the first times that I actually did something that I was so doubtful about and actually succeeded. Not only was I proud of winning my individual competition but also as a team we won first place. At the end of the competition, we got a big trophy and every team member got a little one. Ms.Clark also gave us flowers and then she took a picture of us. Overall this was one of the proudest moments of my life.