Independent Reading: Skyscraper by Zane

Dec 18, 2013

The first few pages of Skyscraper by Zane might leave a reader feeling enticed because the main character, Chico, is having an affair with the company CEO’s wife,where he works. An example of this is on page 17. "It suddenly hit me that it was the busiest time of the day and I was out in the wide open where anyone could bust me; namely Tomalis Wolfe or one of his cronies. Zetta had a lot of nerve doing that." This leads to enticement because foreshadows the idea that they may get caught in their affair by someone in authority.
So far, Zara Wolfe, who is the wife of the CEO, in Skyscrspper might remind a reader of the story in another book. In Addicted, a woman who is married with children but is not satisfied with the sex life she and her husband maintain. Because of this, she goes out and has an affair with a long lost friend and causes the death of her husband, child and best friend.
After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because it has many different scandalous stories that are occurring within one company. It makes you wonder if this is what very profitable companies are like in real-life. What's probably going to happen next is Zetta Wolfe may continue her affair with Chico and he will jeopardize his position at her husband’s company.
While I was reading this chapter in the book called Sunday, December 16th, Chico was finally going to see his 2-year old daughter, which he only gets to see once every two weeks. This scenario made me wonder what happened in the parents’ relationship, that he is not able to see him daughter more frequently. As I read on, I realized that they had trust issues in their relationship and both people felt that the other was cheating. Also, from Chico’s perspective, his baby mother was holding a grudge against him for not wanting to marry her just because she was pregnant, hence



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Dear Alaysia,
Thank your for post on your independent reading book. You ask some really thought provoking questions. When you write about the trust issues in Chico's relationship, I think you touch upon one the the most challenging aspects of human existence. So much is wrapped up in expectations people have for one another. You mention that "both people felt the other was cheating." Does this mean they were cheating? Did one cheat because they "expected" the other to cheat? I look forward to reading what you write about this book next.