Innocence or Purity

Oct 6, 2014

My name is Alexis Catherine Nikoloff. My parents had made my bedroom all adorable, purchased all the necessary baby items, had a plan for when I was born, but they seemed to completely forget that the would need to call their first born something. They debated and argued over many names, and finally agreed between two. Alexis or Catherine.

They chose both, but my first name would be Alexis. My first name originated from Greece. In the Greek language it means "protector of men". My dad wanted to name me after my Aunt Cathy (Catherine), but my mom didn't want that so of course she got the final say and it was proclaimed my middle name. Catherine is American and French. It means innocence or purity.

My last name is a Macedonian name, but it was changed from Sfetkovsky to Nikoloff when my great-grandfather immigrated to America from Macedonia. I adore my name.