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Apr 7, 2009
by: jsmith
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Does nature vs nurture determine our future?

Well,i have come up with yet another thought idea relating to nature vs nurture. These days,alot of kids are thinking about their future. At the same time, A lot of kids are not. They dismiss everything future related and just live for the second. To me,this is formidable, especially in these times. An ample amount of us are trying to get into college and soon and most of us dont know what we want to be yet. I do though and i give myself credit for that. To stay laconic, my conclusion is that your environment does determine your future. How i have come to this conclusion is what i will explain in the next paragraph.

The explanation
 Like i have said in the first paragraph, nature vs nurture determines environment. First, think about what i have said in my earlier posts and how I have described environments. To add to all of that,i think that environments can sort of come in chains. What i mean by that is you have one environment. All the words,thoughts,people,resources of those environments connect with another one somehow. Now it does not have to be just two but it can be a myriad of environments all linked at different points in time. This is how it would relate to the future. All throughout your life, you are ambulatory. You are constantly moving. I have mentioned this in one of my earlier posts. As long as you are moving, there is a chance that you will end up in another environment.
Honestly, if you don't like a certain area that your will move to another. It will just keep going and going. It never stops. Wherever you move will have a certain effect on your personality,therefore this will determine if you want to stay or go. If you want to leave,you then pack your bags and go. All of us are transient in some way. We are never still. Environments that have not been created yet will be created because you are coming and you need that environment. This goes back to what i was talking about in my earlier post about "plus, minus, divide, multiply" environments. There is a simple equation here. Environment plus personality = one part of your life. Therefore a certain amount of environments will determine your whole life. To me,this is pretty simple to understand.
Your choice?
Ok,now with all of which i talked about in the last paragraph. Do you think that we can determine our future? If you choose the certain environments that you want to be in which hold the certain resources and such that you enjoy and think you need then can you derive a plan for your life? If so, in this way we are clairvoyant. We can predict some causes and effects that are going to take place. On the other hand,do the environments determine your life for you?
For instance...
For example, lets say you end up in a learning environment,this is your first environment as a child. Your parents just dont have the money to keep you in school and eventually they can afford to live rich or anything like that anymore due to lets say,your dad getting fired. Now you have to move to the slums or a place where houses and such are at extremely low prices. Now you dont have any other choice. Now you spend a couple of years in the slums...lets say from 6 to 13. You are there until you meet a coach and he is tyring to get a basketball team together due to the fact that he wants to give people in the slum something to have hope for.  Now you are on this team and while you are playing,you get recognized by one of the leading HS basketball coaches in the country. Now you HAVE to go to a Basketball environment. You see how this works?? Environments are imaginatively chained together. There are millions and billions of combinations. Whether you doubt it or realize it or not. It is happening. You say that you left this place and went to that place because you choose environment did it. In this way, i guess...nature vs nurture does determine your future life. There was a quote that i came across earlier today and t relates to my topic quiet a bit.

So, is anxiety a product of our natural biology, or is it a product of our upbringing and other life experiences? I believe that I have a complex, but very reasonable answer. With each person, anxiety is brought on by different varying events, or even biology.
What I think
There is a huge correlation between this quote and what i have been talking about. My conclusion is obviously that it is environmental also. Do you see how this person mentioned events?? Events have to take place somewhere right? That "somewhere" also known as an "environment" gave way to an unfortunate series of events in which he or she will be socially awkward. This is one part of that persons life. Eventually,that person gets help in a different environment due to the fact that she had to go somewhere else to get the help. The anxiety environment sent her to the help environment covertly. These kinds of things are constantly happening all the time without your knowing.
Quote: evil?
It all comes down the question of nature vs. nurture. Are we born evil or good or are we raised to embody one of those traits?
I would say...
I think that how wicked you are mostly depends on your environment. There is thought a bit of defect(birth) involved though. Basically, if you are in a kind goodnatured environment and you do not want to be there. You will obviously leave, something inside you though along with the environment made you leave. If you move to an "evil" area then it was because 1: you naturally are a wicked person so you had the urge to go but 2 at the same time the good environment pushed you out. I would say the enviornment has a much bigger effect on you then the minor natural part. If the environment was not playing a part in your removal then you would just have the urge to go but you probably might not be able to leave because there is the chance that their might be some obstruction in your way. When the environment does play a part. There is ansolutely no impediment! It is going to completely kick you out.  This is how i have come to understand the whole "evil" thing. I did find a picture online that also relates to what i ahve been talking about.


To me, this picture represents my issue in a not really obvious way. This picture is definitely about the future. It could be about someones future and how it will turn out. Looks to me like it might turn out awful dont you? Also,within this picture are the what look like pillars. To me, the pillars represent futures within themselves. There could be thousands of these pillars. The numbers to me are how many environments were linked to get to the pillar. Each pillar is a different combination of environments also. As long as people are walking pass these pillars or are near these pillars. It means that they have reached that environment. It could be their last but it doesnt have to be. This is empirical.