Insane and Ridiculous: Trayvon Martin's Killing

Apr 2, 2012
by: dariannym

I admire Anthony Turner’s essay, “Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent,” from because he's not a heartless person and actually takes his time to talk about Trayvon. There's no reason somebody's life should be taken away because of how they dress or what other people decide about their personality.

I read this article because my teacher handed it to me. I was also interested in learning more about Trayvon Martin's history of life and what had happened to him. Many people were talking about it all over the world on the newscasts and etc. It's a crazy and unforgettable story that will just keep you thinking just why?

In the essay Turner says, “You would never think a walk to the store would get you killed, right? Well, that was what happened to 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.”

It's just insane and ridiculous how this happened. It could be anybody: random, big, little, girl, boy, police, anybody walking to a store and the fact that you supposedly look suspicious because you're wearing a hoodie it's really crazy. Anybody could be walking to the store, but the fact of being killed for it, I was just shocked. Also for Zimmerman to say it was self-defense when the kid was just walking randomly to the store and Zimmerman felt he was "hood" or whatever you want to call it. It's a very shocking story to even read. Zimmerman seems to be filled with hatred or racism, but he can't get away with killing a young man just like that. Trayvon's family deserves justice. In this point it's an obligation, honestly.

Another sentence Turner wrote that stands out for me was: "This brings up a lot of questions: When does an innocent high school student become 'intimidating,' 'threatening' or 'suspicious'?"

This means anybody would seem intimidating, threatening or suspicious in this world. All of this is just really outstanding and honestly makes no sense. People shouldn't just take their hatred out on people like that. They can honestly be thinking the same thing about you even if its real or not. You can't just say it out your head and call them suspicious or whatever.

What I appreciate about Turner's essay is that he argues that people should think before taking stupid actions. Committing murder because you have hatred against a person or you're racist is not a right for. In this world everybody's different in some way.

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You're Absolutely Right

Submitted by Cstark32 on Wed, 2012-04-04 16:39.

I completely agree with everything you said about this terrible tragedy. I simply cannot believe that Trayvon was shot because he "looked" suspicious. I think that George Zimmerman should be convicted of first degree murder. Trayvon's family should get justice because this terrible tragedy should never have happened. I also agree with you that George Zimmerman was most likely a racist who wanted to kill. His reasoning is ridiculous, and I am disgusted at him.


Submitted by svincent13 on Mon, 2012-04-16 11:29.

I agree with everything you said. His death was a misguided tragety. I personally think that Zimmerman is the criminal in the situation. Trayvon had absolutely no reason to die. I am also very against racial profiling from the police. It happens more than anyone would like to admit.