Insecurity Log

Mar 15, 2009
by: SFootman
Career goals

I'm learning more about Insecurity right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is: If dying your hair has anything to do with insecurity?. As I was reading in my Google Reader,news item , "Self Esteem may lie in hair color,", 2/23/09,  caught my attention because it explains how some people need to have a certain hair color in order to feel attractive and feel good about themselves.




Whether or not blond hair is more attractive than other hair colors is subjective, but attractiveness could be a useful tool in getting or retaining a job in any economy, said Mark Ferguson, a professor of psychology at SU.


He added that being blond might make women feel more beautiful and fun in certain situations, boosting confidence and in turn helping women get what they want.


Junior English and textual studies major Jessica Scicchitano started dying her hair blond when she was 13. She says the main reason is that she wanted to enhance the way she looked. Even though she's dyed her hair many different colors, she always goes back to the blond.


"I started to feel like I 'needed' to be blond again, as if it were more attractive," she said.


The quote I chose here is basically saying  how some girls only feel good as blonds because it gives them more confidence.


I think this is crazy because I never knew people felt better about themselves just because of air color. People should feel good about themselves no matter what hair color they have,per say.