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Oct 26, 2010
by: EBCHS15
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Something that I have been interested in learning more about has the been music industry. I remember watching my favorite artist Lloyd Banks talking about his success when he was first starting out, but it’s hard to stay focused and not let the fame get in your head. Lately, the issue has caught my eye again. I know that many people feel that getting into the music industry is once in a lifetime chance. From what I have heard, you just have to ignore the negativity that’s around you. For example, I heard that if you’re  not determine to stay in the music industry, you would just be another one hit wonder. Now that's just what I've heard, it may or may not be true.

One thing that I know for sure about the music industry is that your main goal is to try to become the best artist out. Now I've studied my share of music, and I think the type pf music you listen to defines you. I believe if you didn’t like a type of music you would not thinking about playing it.  Personally, it's funny to me how most people who get into the music industry just do it for the fame.

Music has always played a big part in my life ever since I was 9 years old. Everybody in my family listens to music as well.  My older brother influenced the type of music I like because growing up around him, he played different genres of music so it’s not just one type I like. In my experiences listening to many different artists, I learned to like different genres of music. I learned to like R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae  and more.  

Being that I have a lot of background information on music, I chose to do more research on the topic so I could gain more information on the music industry. As I searched for blogs and news articles on Google, I came across this one article “What is a A&R ?” Author: Unknown. This article is written by Media Source, and provided a lot of information and opinions on the music industry. Some people felt that the music industry was just the label and the artist. All labels have something called a A&R which helps by finding bands, songwriters, and other musicians. “A&R reps from major or larger records companies usually only listen to solicited demo submissions from musicians”. This statement didn't really surprise me all that much, but it did make me feel upset. It made me feel upset because if there is only one A&R rep for each record label and he or she does not like your sound of music it makes it hard for you to get signed. I think there should be more than one A&R rep with in each label so that there will be more people choosing different types of music.  

Another article, “Average Salary For A Music Producer ” Author: Unknown. This is a website put out by a company called Free Loops. This website is something that I found to get information on music producers’ salaries. Here was this one statement that made me nod my head in agreement with the writer. “The music producer is the guy or girl that does most of all the work for the artist.”  I agree with that statement because if there weren’t music producers who take the time out to make the beat to the artist to their liking, the artists that are recording on these records would not have the success that they have.

All of this makes me think that the music industry is more than just a dream -it’s a real job. I think that the work you put in is the reflection you are going to get. The artist that has the most work ethic become the artist that the people ( fans ) want to hear. The artist that has the least work ethic just becomes another artist that is just in it for the fame and not in it because they enjoy doing it.


why nobody commenting on my

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why nobody commenting on my work  =(

Dear Tyrei, I enjoyed

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Dear Tyrei,

I enjoyed reading your post because it gave me new insights into your interests. You show a pragmatic nature as well, when you reflect on the the work it takes to become a music producer.

One sentence that stands out for me is: "The artist that has the most work ethic becomes the artist that people want to hear."  So many artists that suddenly break out have, actually, been around for years. Lady Gaga and Kanye West come to mind.

Also, when you write about the A&R rep, it shows that your research was really productive. You may hear about these executives in some songs. They are also the people who help an artist like Britney Spears aquire the songs they sing. Often these exectuives are are responsible for the success of artists.

I thought you did a great job with this post and i look forward to reading what you will research next.



 I really like this post. I

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 I really like this post. I have always been interested in the music industry myself hoping to one day be a part of it. I agreed with you when you stated "I think the type of music you listen to defines you." I actually looked this up years ago because of something I heard that was related to the subject. There have been many studies linking people's personalities to the types of music they listen to, so in a way, the music you listen to does allow people to understand what kind of person you are and it does define you. If you're interested, here's a news story I found on the subject:

I also liked when you said "if there is only one A&R rep for each record label and he or she does not like your sound of music it makes it hard for you to get signed. I think there should be more than one A&R rep with in each label so that there will be more people choosing different types of music." This is very true. I'm not sure if every record able has only one A&R but if that's the case, then it is extremely hard to break into the industry. I think that some of the A&R's are told to only accept certain people who fit with the overall image of the label and although I'm not sure, this would also make it more difficult for young artists.