Inspired by Michael Kenna

Mar 5, 2010
by: AngelaB

Something I have become interested in learning more about is landscape photography. I started to become interested in Michael Kenna because his photographs are very plain and simple of landscapes and mine are a bit opposite because they is more going in the picture and my photographs aren't as simple.  I was really interested in Michael Kenna because he takes a simple object and makes it look amazing and interesting by keeping the photo simple. So far I have learned that Michael Kenna's photography is focused on unusual landscapes, that are photograhed in the early morning or night in black and white.  



    This information is from his personal site and wikipedia . The source of this information is promoting the work of the artist and educating people about the artist and his work. The information that I have been reading is from the artist, Michael Kenna.

This topic, black and white photography relates to me and my interests its something that I would like to try out in my photography, because my photographs are all very colorful and complicated.  One thing that surprised me was that most of the photographs are taken in the morning or at night. One thing that I wonder about this person's work and life is why Michael Kenna only photographs in black and white.

    Micheal Kenna's photographs are not involved in any specific time period, because they concentrate on landscapes but he has been taking pictures since 1970 of mainly landscapes.

Being that I did not  have a lot of background information on Michael Kenna, I chose to do some more research. As I searched for another source of information about this person, I came across this additional websites. An information site about Michael Kenna and an interview with Michael Kenna has provided a information about Michael Kenna and the way he photographs.  

     He talks about how night photography increases the drama in the picture.  I agree with this because darkness in a photograph creates mystery.

"His small, delicate prints are like jewels." I agree with whoever made this statement about Michael Kenna's work because each peace of work seems to have a lot of meaning or feeling, even though the isn't much going on.

    Next, with my own work, I hope to make my photographs simpler, but sticking my theme and photographing different aspects of the neighborhood.  I hope to accomplish make my photographs more interesting by having less detail, like taking away the color and making the picture simpler.