Intelligent Life in the Universe

Sep 2, 2009
by: dcawdery

My question: Is there any other intelligent life in the universe, besides humans?

The universe is limitless, infinitely large; almost too large to comprehend. How is it possible that humans are thought of as the only "intelligent" life in the entire universe? It is almost selfish to believe that we are superior and unique to everything in the cosmos. Humans are often believed to have been created by something divine, by God.  If God has created us for us to "love and serve him", then why wouldn't he want to create other beings to also love and serve him with humans?

An equation was created by a man named Frank Drake that determines the possibility of intelligent life.


 Frank Drake's own current estimate puts the number of communicating civilizations in the galaxy at 10,000.

How is it possible that we have never communicated with another civilization when there is 10,000 other forms of intelligent life in our galaxy?


Dear Dcawdery: I find your

Submitted by sng on Mon, 2009-10-12 21:26.

Dear Dcawdery:

I find your post interesting because it poses a question that millions of people would like to know the answer. Life in teh universe has been one of the greatest enigmas of humankind, even now thousands of scientists across the world are looking for some evidence that allows them to prove the existence of life outside this planet.

More interesting is the fact that the existence of other extraterrestial life forms might come to play a huge role in the arguments against creation and religion, especially that of Christianity. The existence of other life forms could be used not only as supporting the idea that God would have " want to create other beings to also love and serve him with humans" as you have said before but to argue against the existence of a God. For example, it would be strong evidence showing that humans are not special as the creationist theory have made us believe, that the belief in a God creating life and humanity through Adam and Eve is so flawed that it is hard to believe. That there is more than just an omnispresent God watching over humanity. There are so many ways that an extraterrestrial life form could do to religion and the belief of a God, that all these ideas could be rewritten, rethought, or just made useless as an explanation.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "It is almost selfish to believe that we are superior and unique to everything in the cosmos" I think this thought is accurate because people are inherently selfish and arrogance is part of human nature. We feel better if we believe that we are special, actually everyone believes in some degree that we are indeed unique and different from any other life, something "better" than other life forms. We see this in how people think of animals there on Earth.

Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time there was this Jehova's witness trying to convert me, he talked about creation and about the existence of God. I argued about evolution and the possibility that the Bible is flawed. We come in a point to talk about the possibility of extraterrestrial life being the explanation for the supposed "signs of God" ond other proofs about God's existence. I have a hard time articulating my argument, but his argument was nevertheless unsucceful in changing even a little bit my mind.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because this whole thing of life in the universe is so appealing to me that I would like reading anything about it.