Interest in the Ocean and Deep Sea

Mar 11, 2012
by: ostart

Because I live in a land locked area I’m not used to the ocean and my knowledge of it is very sparse. The times I’ve been to the ocean, this massive body of water has just seemed like an addition to the beach scenery. I know that there is so much life beyond the surface and think it would be interesting to find out more information on this topic. Also, I think its incredible that there are organisms that survive at such great depths, in such harsh environments. It’s weird to think of alternate ways of survival without sunlight, the photosynthesis process, and warmth, but there are so many unknown organisms that do this at deep sea levels.

The ocean provides invaluable benefits and services for the different forms of life on earth (“Ocean and Human Health”). For example, climate regulation depends mostly on the weather patterns created by the ocean. With the most recent concern of global warming, we have the ability to study this issue through observing these ocean patterns. Another beneficial factor when thinking about what the ocean provides for us is sea food. Sea food is common in human and other animal diets, without the ocean there would an absence of this kind of nutrition. The ocean also provides us with transportation and recreation. Even though we have found multiple ways to use the ocean to our advantage, there is still so much we do not know about these waters. There is such a vast area that remains untouched, and only partially discovered, that draws my curiosity in.

There are so many unknowns about the deep sea area. Many people connect the ocean and deep waters to some fear they have. This fear may be hydrophobia, the fear of water; or thalassophobia, the fear of the ocean. What most people can relate to ocean is this fear of the unknown. The deeper the level of the ocean, the less we know about it. I think the fear of the unknown in some people is what marine biologist and deep sea researchers look to discover.