Internet Advertising

Apr 18, 2010

Internet advertising has always been a real frustration of mine. I can deal with the subtle ads on google search pages, and a picture of a Chevy in the corner of news articles, but the whole blinking, audible internet ads of late as well as the bars at the bottom of every online video I just can't stand. I don't think I'm the only person that feels this way. Why did ads get this way? Surely annoying people isn't a very effective advertising technique. I have often found myself navigating away from sites with these kind of ads just to avoid annoyance. I think I would be less likely to buy the product the ad is promoting after encountering the ad, so how is it supposed to work? Youtube used to be fairly ad-uninfected, but of late it has caved in order to be able to give more money to it's video posters.

With this new move, YouTube will enable users to choose how to display the ads that they hope will generate them revenue.

Well it could well possibly mean that one will have to watch an ad first and then video. It may be good in terms of revenue, but will users like this option?

As a policy, Google never shares how much they generate per online ads. In such a scenario, it is difficult to ascertain the actual money a user’s video is generating.”

My point is that maybe using old school advertising and promotion techniques may be a bit more effective than bombarding internet users with flashing lights loud sounds and frustrating them by slowing the download speed of the site they actually wanted to view. Take for instance, this Mongoose ad (disregard the stupid ad bar that pops up at the bottom). It is what the viewer wants to see, but it also promotes the product nicely; a much better approach in my opinion.