Internet is Innocent

Jan 29, 2015
by: atang

In what way is the internet potentially dangerous? Our world in slowly progressing and becoming better and advance. But there is always some cons to something new. The internet, fairly new and a place where people post what they are doing, talk to friends and meet new people. But in the world some people don’t respect others which leads to things like cyberbullying, where people talk negative things about other people. In social media like facebook and in the gaming industry cyberbully is becoming an ongoing problem same with sexual predators. But the internet is not becoming dangerous it is the people on the internet that are the cause of these problems.

The internet itself is of no harm. Its the people behind the scenes and their actions that turns the internet from something harmless to something potentially dangerous. Like the internet, guns and knives can be use for the good or the bad, all of it depends on how people use it. The like many other devices the person using it is responsible for example on they said that “Tevon Harris, a 22 year old in Houston, TX, plead guilty to two charges of child sex trafficking. He would meet young girls online, and gain their trust by talking to them about their goals and dreams. He would tell them that he was going to help them become models, and ask to meet up in person. When he picked them up, he took them to hotel rooms, forced them to take drugs, raped them, and took away their phones—cutting off communication with the outside world. He took their photos and posted them online as advertisements for prostitution. Then, he forced them to meet with the people who would buy them online, and kept all of the money that they received.”. If Tevon never decided to do such an act this would have never happened.

I personally believe that cyberbully is another thing that causes the internet to become something negative. In my experience I have played games that players would talk vulgar and negative things about me and another players, when in actuality they are hardly doing any better than the rest of us. I think for cyberbully the players should either be more nicer and not talk negative about others or they should not talk at all about others. On they said “Carter was arrested in March after comments made on Facebook following a League of Legends match. After another player called him crazy, Carter responded by saying "I'm fucked in the head alright, I think Imma shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent reign down."
He reportedly followed up these comments with "lol" and "jk". A woman in Canada saw his comments and informed the Canadian authorities, “
As you can see your action will affect you in amazing ways like what happened to Carter. Because the women failed to understood gaming terms for “just kidding” Carter ended up in jail. If he never said such ridiculous things it would not have ended that way for him.

In conclusion I believe the internet is not the problem per say but the actions of the users behind the internet that is the problem. If we learn to rethink our action the internet will only be a place to post things and have fun online in games.


The problem with the internet

landayc18's picture
Submitted by landayc18 on Thu, 2015-02-12 01:24.

The problem with the internet is that it gives a small minority of idiots a blank canvas and a large megaphone. The internet is a vast and large space, the filth of some areas is not in others. It spills over, yes, and is generally unavoidable. The same people who use the internet for sex trafficking are the same people who would do it without the internet. The internet just makes it easier. The same goes for cyber-bullying: the only thing going on is bullying. There shouldn't be any special tags for it.

You say the internet isn't becoming dangerous but that the people are. That's fine, I can and do agree with that statement. But the internet is making dangerous people more lethal. And that's a problem.