The interview

Apr 26, 2015
by: ALopez

The interview was really interesting to me, I learned a lot from a person that has experience a lot of problems trying to live in minimum wage.

I felt prepared before the interview, but during the interview I wished I had more questions.

I think that if I had more questions that would help me get different information about the same topic would of been really helpful.

Some I advice I would give to people who will do an interview project in the future would be to gather more questions even if they think they already have enough. It is better to have more than enough than not enough. I also think that they need to find someone that is willing to share details because the conversation would be more interesting and it would help them gather more information about minimum wage.


What else do you wish you had asked?

Submitted by Lizzie H on Sat, 2015-05-16 16:13.

Hi Ariana,

I thought you had a great point about coming to an interview with lots of questions. I wonder, what other questions do you wish you had asked during your interview? If you were going to do the interview over, how would you try to get more details from your interviewee?

Thanks for sharing about your project,