An Introduction

Jun 13, 2016

My name is Edwin Jerez Gonzalez, and I was born on September 8, 1998 in Guatemala. The most important thing for me was to reach the United States - it was a dream and came true. I realized at that moment that I crossed the border was a moment of joy and great happiness and it was the best step I ever took in my life. That was very happy when I told my family that I was already in the United States in only three weeks.

I like to do things on the computer while I'm in school to learn English. Learning English is the thing that I want to do most badly. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer because I love the sport. I also like to have fun with my classmates .

A moment that marked my life and was very important was when I said goodbye to all my family. It is a terrible feeling to say goodbye to each member of your family. I was crying a lot because we would be separated for a long time. My grandmother was one of the people I loved most in life and she did not want me to travel to the United States, but necessity made ​​me travel here.