Invisible Children

Apr 21, 2009
by: A.Clayton
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Recently at my school (Judge Memorial Catholic High School) Invisible Children came and showed us a video, and set up a fundraiser to help build schools in Uganda and help the on going war.  Our school worked hard and raised a lot of money and collected a lot of books for the children in Uganda.  Yesterday we watched another video that was more directed towards the on-going war and the child soldiers.  And after the video everyone feels so sorry, and really wants to help.  Yet the next day we forget about it and it is no longer a priority.  But this war has got to end some how.  And with a walk in 100 cities in many countries across the world it could be just the thing.  We all need to take the initiative to take action and help this war.  Take some time out of your Saturday and "Abduct Yourself" for the children in Uganda who are fighting for their lives everyday.  When we all know we are so spoiled.

Find it in your heart and work to end the war in Uganda.