Oct 6, 2011
by: nabill

    It has come to my attention recently that Apple has released a new iPhone, the iPhone 4 is no longer the subject of the topic for the iPhone 4s has taken its spot. There is few changes in these two products, them being; a better camera, a faster system, and a new voice recognition system called Siri. Other than these three changes the phone remains exactly the same both physically and internally excluding the fact that the phone now has an increased price tag. Personally I find this new product pointless and not necessary, there was no need to fix something that needed no fixing. Apple has the habit to release a new product every couple of months, so why invest in something when you know something better will be released in a couple of months, like the highly anticipated iPhone 5. 


Your "I phone"post caught my

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Submitted by azizar on Fri, 2011-10-07 14:11.

Your "I phone"post caught my attention because i really want the iphone Five . I was hoping that it whould come out for my birthday Oct 11th which is in three days  im turning 18 wich to me is a big deal , i wont be abel to drink but ill be leagel "i gess".

 One sentence that stand out for me was  "Personally I find this new product pointless and not necessary, there was no need to fix something that needed no fixing." It made me think about the death of apple network's Cofounder Steve Jobs . I started to wonder will there be any more ideas like his . whats next ? whats dose the futre's technology hlod ?

 Thanxs for writing this post . You did more than make me think about why buying the iphone five, but life and ideas that affect the world in a big & small way .Maybe you should think about some of your ideas .


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Submitted by 15bayshtokg on Sun, 2011-10-09 11:00.

Dear nabill,

I enjoyed your post on the, "iPhone," because it is always a heated conversation to argue about. Nowadays, many people have iPhones, so new versions can cause some controversy. One sentence that stood out for me was, "Personally I find this new product pointless and not necessary, there was no need to fix something that needed no fixing." I think this is not true, because it really did need fixing, and those three features you mentioned are very useful and make the phone much better than the last one. Another sentence that stood out for me was, "Other than these three changes the phone remains exactly the same both physically and internally excluding the fact that the phone now has an increased price tag." I think that you make it seem like no changes were made and there is no point to buy the iPhone 4s. There were changes and there might've not been many, but some were significant. I agree with you that they should've not invested on the 4s because the (much better), iPhone 5 would be coming out few months later. Another reason I agree with you is because they went from very simple changes from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s, when they should’ve mainly went from the 4th to the 5th. This I believe, was only for business. I look forward to what you right next because I can agree with some of your opinions, and can expand on them as well. Hope to see you write more!

iPhone ^_^

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Submitted by debral on Sat, 2011-10-22 19:10.

Dear Nabill,

  I like this post "iPhone" because I have been thinking about getitng an iPhone.


Thanks for writing and I look forward to seeing what you write next.


Submitted by shaimt on Sun, 2012-03-04 16:08.

Dear Nabil,

I enjoyed reading your short article about the iPhone 4,4s and the anticipated 5. Reason being I am one of those people that are awaiting he arrival of the IPhone 5. Since my phone company Sprint has now officially started there production of the IPhone i can wait until they release the IPhone 5.

One sentence that stood out to me in your post was when you said “ like the highly anticipated iPhone 5’. That sentence is saying the IPhone 4s isn't anything yet because all the high tech features that apple is putting in the IPhone 5 will make the IPhone 4s look like a play toy. Lets hope that the apple company can live upon the hype that this phone brings along.

thanks or your writing.


Submitted by JakeT on Thu, 2012-09-13 18:14.

As you well know the iphone 5 is coming out shortly. The new iphone has the latest update of IOS which is 6 (IOS 6). This contains an updated version of siri which now you can see what movies are playing anywhere near you and what time it starts. Also, It has a much better camera than the previous iphone 4S and 4. Next, it is longer and thiner; because of this it has a bigger screen. Someone who hasn't had an iphone before would definately rather have the latest model than the older model. Wouldn't you? I know i would! Also, I agree with what your saying, but i just think that noone is going to not want it. So in all you are correct in saying that this is wrong that they are pretty much stealiung money from people by hooking them into the, pretty much, same product!


Submitted by MaxG on Fri, 2012-09-14 09:31.

I totally agree with you about the situation with the iPhone. It is starting to get ridiculous about getting the "latest" iPhone. Now that the new iPhone 5 it's just another repeat of the 4S in that there is absolutely no point in getting it becuase as you said it's just the same thing but cheaper. This just doesn't go for Apple but many of the big name electronic companies. Like companies try to copy Apple by trying to make their own version of a tablet but really they are all the same and they are no match to the iPad. This brings back to a point of how Apple really is one of the most successful brands in the world. There is no competition to anything they produce. 

Yah I totally agree with you

Submitted by MichaelB on Fri, 2012-09-14 09:33.

Yah I totally agree with you . My parents have been getting thew new Iphone since the day the first Iphone came out so we have them all just laying around my house and when I look at them together they all look and seem exactly the same. Also the Iphones DO get more expencive everytime and I never see a big difference. One main changes was the camera and that is the only change I could see. Also when the Iphone 4s came out I was going to get it and it was like 100 dollars more than the Iphone 4, and the only change was that it had siri. In my oppinion I totally agree with you and think that apple is starting to get annoying with realeasing a new Iphone every month.

The new iPhone is Awsome

Submitted by JimmyD on Fri, 2012-09-14 13:11.

If you ask me i think the iphone 4s is awsome and i'm sure a lot of other people will say the same thing. It has a lot of cool features and some i can't even believe. But i heard the iphone 5 is coming out and that makes me forget that the 4s ever existed. the iphone 5 has all new features and it has a better camara. I bet as soon as you can get one in stores they will sell out as soon as they put them of the floor. Also i'm sure one of those iphones will be mine! 


Submitted by SaraR on Fri, 2012-09-14 13:46.

Dear nabill,

I just read your post on iphones, and i agree with you. I own an iphone 4s, and I really like it. But, they just came out with the iphone 5 and I don't understand why people would spend $500 on a new phone that isn't that different than the iphone 4s. The only thing that changed is the shape, the charger, the camera, and the appearance. The charger is smaller and while it is a good idea, it is somewhat of a hassle because people can't share chargers, have to but new chargers, and have to get new speakers and ihomes. If you have a 4s than why would you spend another $500 on a phone that is basically the same. The only reason people want it is because it is a sign of popularity to have the best, newest phone, but if you have a perfectly fine iphone 4 or 4s than I wouldn't buy a new iphone 5.

Is technology improving too fast?

Submitted by BeccaN on Sun, 2012-12-02 17:47.

Your article about how Apple products are being improved month by month is very interesting! I honestly think that technology is being improved too much. People say that the Apple products and many other brands come up with ideas, but keep most of them in secret, that way they can make a better and improved version. When they came out with the IPhone 4S, people were so excited that it had Siri, the new robotic person that talks to you! IPhone makers already knew about this idea before they came out with it. They knew about it before the IPhone 4 even! As you said, "the iPhone 4 is no longer the subject of the topic for the iPhone 4S has taken its spot. " When the IPhone 5 came out, the 4 had a price of $0.00! It is free! Apple is very smart this way, but is it really logical? For Apple they are able to make tons of money when they come out with many different versions. The first IPhone was great at the time, but when the second came out, people ditched their first one and bought the second. Initially they gained twice the amount of money they would have made with only one type.

Apple is really a genius when it comes to money. I really want an IPhone for the holidays, but the question is which type do I want. The IPhone 5 is a thin, tall, small phone. It is very exciting, but do you really want a phone that can barely fit in your pocket? The only new thing they improved upon was the size and shape of the new prototype. Is it really worth getting the new look? I can be called clumsy, but I drop a TON of things... do I really want to drop an IPhone? In my opinion, the IPhone 4S is much better than the 5! I would like a phone that is both comfortable and easy to hold! One that fits in my hand nicely and fits in my pocket comfortably! Can the IPhone 5 really do all they say it can do?

Other than Apple products, everyone and everything around them are also improving too fast! Would you want to carry a laptop back and forth from home and work? Who wants to carry something heavy, when they can have a light and easy to use, touchscreen mechanism? Not a lot of people would choose the laptop. They would if it was a stay at home laptop because it has a bigger screen and a real keyboard. Other than that, the IPad or tablets of any kind is a very reasonable argument. Why is technology improving so fast? Its the customers that decide the new design, which means it is everyone who plays a part in the improvement in technology, but do we really need every single little thing possible?