The Iphone: Too Good To Be True?

Sep 24, 2009
by: G_hoff

I, like many of you, own an Apple Iphone. The latest and greatest from apple that seems to have captured the entire worlds attention with its elegant look, easy web browsing, mp3 player, and its abilitly to hold hundreds of applications. With all these features availible now for under 99$, who can afford not to have one? A mini computer for 99$ seems just too appealing to pass up for many technology-craving Americans. Apple and AT&T couldn't be happier...right? Right...kinda. Making the Iphone so cheap is attracting many new customers, but along with the massive demand of these Iphones comes some massive problems.

In a recent article I read titled, "Cusomers Angered as Iphones Overload AT&T" by Jenna Worthham, the frustration many Iphone users experience is explained. As of late, many Iphone users may be pulling out they're hair as a result of slow internet, dropped calls, delayed text messages, and poor service. So what is the cause of this madness? Why does it take 4 seconds to check your email instead of 1.5? Why does the internet only go 5 times as fast as any other smartphone instead of 10? The answer lies in network capacity. AT&T doesn't have enough network capacity to meet the demands of millions of data crazy Iphone users. There is simply to much data to be processed.

I know this may be frightning to all you Iphone users out there, but not to worry! According to AT&T, a whopping $18 billion dollars will be spent this year to improve the Iphones service. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. AT&T's contract with Apple could expire as early as next year, making the Iphone available to all people on any network. According to, 34% of resondants to a survey will not buy the Iphone because of AT&T. What stops these people once AT&T's contract expires? The answer is nothing. Iphone users could soon be struggling to make a phone call.