I,Q: Independence Hall

Jan 8, 2016

The main characters in this book are Q, Angela, Booth, Blaze, and Roger.
The story takes place in present time in Philadelphia.
This book was written by Roland Smith and is a mystery.

Q’s mom Blaze, and Angela’s dad Roger are getting married. Both the parents are up and coming rock stars who have their own band and after the marriage, they immediately leave for their tour throughout the US on a bus. On the way to Nevada, the bus breaks down in the middle of the night. When the family wakes up in the morning, they find out that their bus has been fixed by a technician named Booth who used to set up the stage for Blaze a few years back. Booth starts to drive the bus and they reach Philadelphia. At Philadelphia, Blaze and Roger need to leave for New York, leaving Q and Angela with Booth. At a restaurant in Philly, Angela tells Q how her mom was a Secret Service agent when she died and how her mom taught her how to figure out her surroundings. When Angela tell Q that she thinks somebody is following them, they ask Booth about it. Booth tells the kids that the man is Israeli Secret Service and is spying on them and how he used to be CIA himself. He secretly takes the kids to Independence Hall where he tells Angela that her mom might be alive. He tells Angela that the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, and the Israeli Secret Service are trying to figure out if Angela’s mom actually died in a bombing and Q and Angela have to decide who to trust.


Why did he fix their bus?

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Why did he fix their bus?