It is Britney B****

Apr 22, 2009
by: marquel15

    Last Tuesday despite the fact I had soccer in the rain and mud until 7:30 and was 30 minutes away from the Energy Solutions Arena I didn't miss the Britney Spears concert.  Changing clothes and lanes speeding to the concert I wiped the mud from my face and the mascara that was down to my nose and bumped my fav Brit tunes.  And I must say for all my excitement she didn't disappoint.

    I will admit if you are not someone who listened to Baby One More Time as a nine year old and are faithful through lip syncing, shaved heads, and baby mama drama then maybe her concert isn't for you.  If what you are looking for is real music and artistry then its definitely not for you.  Critics seem to find no problem finding all the angles to critize.  "The biggest spectacle to perhaps ever visit EnergySolutions Arena was Britney Spears' Circus Tour Tuesday in an imaginative, creative and titillating big-top show that, ultimately, failed to deliver an emotional connection with the audience."  However, as much as I appreciate a real artist, I also appreciate an interesting show full of skin, tricks, dancing, hot guys, and all my favorite songs to dance to.  "Spears wore a different costume and it was impossible to keep your eyes off of her, because you never knew what would happen next. In one of the more entertaining bits, she was sawed into threes and miraculously reappeared unharmed, and then performed a disappearing act in which she was invisibly transported from the center ring to another ring."

    An array of teenage girls made up the majority of the audience and although most witnessed lip-syncing that wasn't coherent  with the lyrics I don't think it mattered to them.  Sometimes mindless/sexy entertainment is worth the pricy entrance fee.


Britney Spears brings a circus to town -- and she's the ringmaster - Salt Lake Tribune