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Sep 7, 2010
by: 12shafiry

July 14, 2010

“What Do You Think of the LeBron James ‘Spectacle’?”

Upon reading the title of this article, I instantly knew that this was going to be the first article I would comment on. Being a Lebron James fan since he was drafted, first overall, in 2003, I have strong opinions about “The Decision.” I have had countless arguments with friends and even my brothers about why I think that Lebron is not at fault in anything he has done. As soon as the Cavaliers, Lebron's team prior to his new choice, I was wondering what team would be lucky enough to aquire Lebron James. I was expecting it Lebron to make the decision in a similar manner to other huge names, such as Brett Favre or Johan Santana. However, it was explained that he would have an hour-long special about his decision. I am a huge fan of Lebron James, so I always try to see his side, but this came off to me as a publicity stunt that someone who was seeking attention would pull. Then I found out that he would be donating all the money he made from this hour-long special to charity, and I feel that Lebron is making this into a good cause, and I see nothing wrong with that. From the beginning I knew that this story was going to be huge. Lebron James is the best player in the National Basketball Assosciation, and maybe the biggest name in all of sports at this moment, so his decision was going to be special.

Another discussion I often have is about the team he decided to play for. The Miami Heat, a team that recently acquired an outstanding player in Chris Bosh, now have two of the best players in the NBA, with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. I feel as thought Lebron chose this team, not to pick the easy way-out, or to take all of the pressure of of his shoulders, but because it was the best way to make Lebron James happy. In “The Decision” Lebron explains that he spoke to his mother, and she explained to him to chose whatever will make him happiest. Playing with two of his bestfriends, and possibly becoming the most dominant team in the history of the game will make Lebron happy and be something special to watch.

July 22, 2010

 “How Do You Think Adults Should Talk to Teens About Drugs?”

While I lay in bed before I drift off to sleep I often think about things in my past, present and future. One topic that comes up in my head is often about how I will raise my children to be successful and happy. An interference in a successful and happy child often has to do with drugs, so this question is relevant in the things I think about. I often look at how my parents raised me, because I have never tried any drugs although many of the peers around me have. I believe that Adults should be completely honest with their children about their encounters with drugs. I also believe that every teen will be around drugs, most likely marijuana, many times throughout their adolescent years, so an adult trying to avoid a “talk” will often fail. I believe that this part of the text “Instead, it’s important to figure out “why are you asking, what’s going on around you?” said Dr. Janet F. Williams.” is not a significant response if a child asks about drugs. I think that this will not do the job, because no matter how much a parent tries to shelter children, the kids will always find a way to live their lives. The best approach an adult can have, in my opinion, is to have a good relationship with the child, to educate them, and to hope they make the right decisions when the time comes.

August 4, 2010

Should a Mosque Be Built Near Ground Zero?”

When I first heard of a Mosque potentially being built near Ground Zero, I knew that it was going to cause a lot of controversy. My gut feelign was that there shouldntt be a Mosque built because of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers only 9 years ago. Then, as I gained knowlege about it, my opinion began to change. An interesting point, is that it hypocritical to not allow a mosque built in an area that muslims terrorized and killed. Christopher Columbus, a Christian, invaded America and killed many Native Americans. Not allowing a mosque built near ground zero is similar to not allowing a church built anywhere in America.

August 10, 2010

Is Marriage a Civil Right?”

This question caught my attention as soon as I saw the title. Honestly, I believe that banning same-sex marriage is the most outrageously idiotic law in America, which brags about freedom. I've heard few arguments as to why same-sex marriage should not be allowed, and all of them are heavily flawed. One of the points I have heard is that “it says in the bible that a man and woman are supposed to be married...” It is well known that religion and the government are not supposed to mix, so this argument is incorrect. Another argument I hear is “The vision of marriage found in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures is one of reuniting male and female into an integrated sexual whole.” This argument also mixes religion and government, but that is not the only reason I strongly disagree with it. Why is it that people of different religions are allowed to marry one another? I don't believe that anywhere in any religious book it states that people should marry someone that follows a different religion. This is a huge contradiction, as that is allowed, but allowing same-sex marriage isn't. I believe that if two people feel as though they want to be married, they should be allowed

August 20, 2010

Would You Vote for a Celebrity Running for Office?”

This question is one I had recently had a conversation with my oldest brother about. My favorite actor, Will Smith, is a very insightful individual. I remember him explaining that one day he may run for president. Although, he was probably joking around, it got me thinking. Would he make a good president? I believe that he would, but then again I'm not the so much into politics. I also remember times that me and my brother said that Oprah should run for president. This article I read got me thinking. I believe that celebrities should be allowed to run for office, and they must lay out their views and plans, like all other candidates. If that country's population believes that this celebrity is fit, they should be given the role. From this article, I particularly admire a quote from Wyclef Jean: “You can either live trying to do something or die having done nothing,” he said, adding that he did not want history to remember him as “somebody who, after the devastation of the country that he claimed he loved so much, just kept singing more songs.” He seems very sincere and he should run for office. If I lived in Haiti, and Wyclef Jean proved himself to potentially be a good president, I would vote for him.