It's Kind of A Funny Story

Apr 13, 2009
by: 14tauba

This book was really interesting and different. It was really detailed which was cool because I could picture the hospital he was staying at very well. It showed that school can be really stressful and starting new schools is really hard. The story was really believabe and when it was over I felt tlike all of my questions from the beginning had been answered. The solution made sense and I liked how he connected back to the beginning with the brain maps. I think that It's KInd of a Funny Story by Ned VIzzini is easily enjoyable because it seems real while at the same time you think it is terribe and you can't believe it happened. I liked this book also because it showed that people in the hospital were not veryday people but not scary like you would think they would be. A passage from pages 389-390 that seems important is,

"And how do they make you feel?" I look at the pile. "Awesome." She leans in "Why?"..."Because I do them,"' I say "I do them and they're done. It's almost like, you know, peeing?"... "Right. I do it; it's succesful; it feels good; and i know it's good..."

This is imporatant because this discussion is part of one of the discussions that helps him realise what he will do with his future that helps him get over his depression.

I am looking forward to the rest of this book because it keeps me ont the edge of my seat because I have n experience with this topic.