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May 20, 2010
by: jcheng9

The Kissena Corridor Park starts around Kissena Boulevard and stretches all the way to Main Street in Flushing, Queens. It's practically a barrier or border between Kissena Park and the Queens Botanical Gardens. There are many things to do. There anre cricket fields, baseball field, basketball courts, handball courts, a soccer field and plenty of places for you to walk and jog around. There are a variety of animals at the park and a variety of plants. In one part of the park, there's a small garden where almost everyone is welcome to visit or welcomed to plant things. This garden is managed by the Korean Senior Citizens Association, who are very generous to give our school an area to plant on and allow us to observe the things that happen around the garden. In my class, we each picked a plot to write about and a couple times each week for the past few weeks we have gone to that plot to describe every little thing we see, hear, or smell.

In my plot, which is toward the top of the garden, southeast of the entrance, there are large cinder blocks that are used to border up the plot. There are also a few little weeds inside the blocks. These weeds probably flew in from other places around the garden and they can live off the soil inside the block. They might not be big plants, but they still thrive inside the blocks. Around the front of the plot, there are a few plants and as you go along the left side, the borders changes to wooden planks. These planks circles to the other side, where it stops around the right side. From the right side, the planks are on it's sides and acts as more of a big border from the person next to the plot. The owner of this plot also puts up a few different layers of fences that separate the different plants that are grown in this plot.

I did wonder why did we started our gardening project. I also wonder why other people garden. Can't they just relax at home or do some other stuff besides gardening? Well after watching a video by Ann Cooper I started noticing why. In this video, she related school lunch to food problems all around the world. One of the major reason is to prepare for the future and to be ready in case something happens to us. One thing that she said that made me think was, when she talked about all the chemicals that are in the vegetables that we eat. This was pretty true since it's pretty disgusting how we eat chemicals or we consume chemicals in our bodies as we eat.

When I went back to the plot in the garden that I had chosen to write about, I noticed layers. Inside the first layer, tulips are grown along with some other plants that hadn't blossom yet. There are also plants that I'm unable to identify. Inside the main plot, it looks as if cabbages are grown. These cabbages aren't fully grown yet and they are pretty young. Beside the cabbages, scallions or green onions also share the land. These different crops aren't separated by any fencing and the bigger scallions looks like a cactus around the flower part. The bulb of the scallion is also very sharp or looks as if it's a very sharp object. The smaller scallions or green onions are still very young and are about 5 inches tall.

There are also red plants along the right side of the garden. Mint is also growing inside a container on the far right side. Around the container, the owner also has a bucket that would store water or would help him oeher to get water from a nearby source. The owner also levitated the ground so that irrigation would be easier and floods can be prevented. This is a pretty smart idea since giving plants too much water would result in lack of oxygen for the plants and would make plants die. Floods would also wash away many nutrients and also bugs that helps the plant grow.

The owner also has one orchid around the left side which has bloomed. These flowers only last around for about a month and then they slowly die out. Beside all the plants, there are also plenty of weeds that grow around. Roses might have once thrived here since you can see that there are stems with thorns on it. However, the stems are long dead since they are all dried up. You can also see little ants crawling around and a few spiders trying to catch some sun. Their webs had caught water droplets and even little insects. 

So far I have no idea who owns this plot because every time I go out to observe, they are never there. I just keep waiting for the gardner to come by. The person probably hasn't come by for a long time since there are many weeds that have grown, but the plot has been watered and people have been moving stuff around. Near the container, things like the bucket, and the water in the bucket was spilled out. If the person still cares about the plot, they would come back one day and pull out all the weeds.

After a couple of weeks, I returned my plot, and lots of things have grown and many weeds had been pulled out. Things like little carrots are growing, peppers are growing, and they are pretty tall. These pepper plants also has a little base to protect it from other elments of nature. It can protect it from prevailing winds that might damage the stems of the plant. Everything is still evenly spaced out, and everything is also very lush. The cabbage patch is growing bigger, and even the tall scallions have grown even bigger.

Above is a picture I drew of something that is like a scallion. For some reason, the bulb of this plant is also very spiky. Below you see me working in front of the plot that I have been watching.

Korean Garden, Mr Allison, 5/7/10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ewsis/4588360724/


Dear Jackey, I like your

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Submitted by tkim on Fri, 2010-05-28 12:41.

Dear Jackey,

I like your post "JackJack Land" because the title is original and I liked the way you described your plot.

Your plot is similar to mine but I think yours is greener. My plot had a lot of dead brnahces and roots so it wasn't that great of a plot.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you use great detail and it is interesting to read your work. Nice picture BTW.

Dear Jackey:  I enjoyed

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Submitted by jthimote on Fri, 2010-05-28 13:17.

Dear Jackey:

 I enjoyed you post JackJack Land because it was very interersting. I'm not sure why I enjoyed it but I did. Besides the fact that I am obligated to positively reply to this post, I thought it was very detailed and desriptive.

 One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "I did wonder why did we start our gardening project." I think this would be agreed upon by a majority of the students in our class. I wondered this as well,  I had, and still have no idea how this is at all relative to English.

 Another sentence that I liked was : "Things little carrots are grown, pepper are growing and they are pretty tall." This is similar to something I said in my essay because after some time once again visiting my plot I noticed that there were a lot of changes concerning plant growth.

 Your post reminds me of something that happened to me which is here: youthvoices.net/node/40410

 Thanks for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

Dear Jacky, I liked your

Submitted by rgoodman on Sat, 2010-05-29 21:50.

Dear Jacky,

I liked your post Jack Jack land because it was very interesting and you had alot of details included in the post as well.

One thing that you wrote that stands out for me is "Jack Jack Land". This stood out to me because it was a very creative and interesting title. Most of the people like me named their essay the Korean Corridor Garden but, you named your something original.

Another sentence that i agree with is "I did wonder why did we start our gardening project". When we started to go to the garden the first time i didn't get it eider. Mr.Allison will tell us to write down observations of out plot we picked and i thought that it was the dumbest thing i ever heard. I also thought why are we doing this in english class and we could be doing something more useful. Then when Allison showed us the picture i understood what he was trying to compare as well.

Your post picture reminds me of when i was in my plot talking to my friends and then all the sudden they started running because Allison was coming. Good times!=)

Thanks for writing i look forward to reading what you write next.

I  like your post :) nice

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Submitted by dguaman on Thu, 2010-06-03 12:33.

I  like your post :)

nice job JACKEY CHENG!

What Jacky's teacher thinks this is about

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Submitted by pallison on Tue, 2011-07-26 22:15.

See Paul Allison's thoughts about "Authentic Conversations..." on Digital Is, where he uses this post as an example.