Japan 2011

Mar 18, 2011
by: GSoukup

People are riding around Japan to help find their families on bikes. I think this is kind of dumb They should be out digging out people from rubble and try to be a better person for the good of the nation and not be selfish. I know it is not cool to have a family lost but if you help others they can help you. As the reporter had said, whole families can be missing. That is sad but really, instead of having 100 reporters talking about how sad it is, people should be helping all they can. And i am just putting that out there, 36 people died in Afghanistan from a suicide bomber. It is good that people are still helping like doctors but if they leave then what are they? They can be considered a jerk or not caring.

Recently we have been studying about the Tsunami and the earthquakes in Japan. At first I was like...oh damn that’s bad I hope they’re okay...But now I think, after someone in the class said so, Japan is a very developed country and we really care more about Japan then...lets say...Haiti...so they will be able to recover faster and more effectively.

If the disaster was in Japan it would be
Fruit- Any mashed fruit
Song- Any song by Chris brown...He messes things up
Movie- Earthquake. Because it was an earthquake
Color- Red and Yellow
Video Game- Battlefield Earth

I just read the article “2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami” on March 13 ,2011. I was surprised. I had only heard that 45 people died on the news that morning but when I read the article I saw almost 2000 people were dead and another 2000 were missing. I was surprised by these numbers. I didn’t know that so many people lived in Sendai.
Something that stands out to me is that this could have been avoided. People that stood out and took film of the tsunami coming up on the shore and then wondered why they were dying doesn’t make sense.

Anderson Cooper was in Japan. He said “Can I get out of here”. I do not blame him. It was hilarious. But he is right. CNN is trying to kill him. He was abducted in Iraq and not is exposed to radioactive materials. They want him dead...

This means a lot to me because I now know that the contamination is coming to American soil. I care about Japan but the thing is, I care for America more. This is where I live. I learn the Japanese culture and the Japanese language but I was born in America and learned my culture and language first. I respect them. I really hope that Japan gets better and they can avoid such a bad thing happening to them, but the world will keep spinning no matter what.


well what can i say man you

Submitted by stacuri on Mon, 2011-05-09 00:20.

well what can i say man you honestly cant say that if one person in japan helps another person in japan they are going to be helped right back you have to think about everyone in japan that lost a family member in japan from this earthquake and of course they are going to look for them sepecially if they might be still alive you honetly cant say that when one person goes looking for their family members its stupid because you dont  know how much they might be in not knowing wether or not there family member is still alive