Japan Earthquake Affected the Children!

May 4, 2011

From a quakestory by Amelia (Yokohama International School)  I noticed a smart characteristic in the writer and probably in many other children in Japan as well. I noticed that the “mad money game” was something important to the child, but she took the smart choice to get under a table. The kids were probably trained for this. In the story Amelia says, “I had to get under a table but then I would lose the game but safety was better so I went under a table.: This qoute shows the importance of safety and the child intelliegence, which was present in Japan. This story made me think about all the little children that were affected by the earthquake in japan. It made me think how it might have stopped the children from doing many things in their lives. This story made me feel bad about the kids that might have been affcted by the quake.  http://quakestories.wikispaces.com/3L

In a another quakestory by Amy M. (International School of the Sacred Heart Tokyo)
I realized that the class was all girls, so they all had similar experiences of fear and that they were trying to keep each other safe, during the period of disaster.
It made me think that the events were more than quakes, and tsunamis, that they were a matter of seperation a seperation from family and friends). “I stayed at my Auntie’s house for the night. The next day, I met my mother at a station on the way back home.”  I felt good when I read that people in Japan itself are trying their best to help each other by giving electricity. That shows the anti-selfishness in Japan. http://quakestories.wikispaces.com/International+School+of+the+Sacred+Heart

The third and final quakestory that I found interesting was a quakestory by Damin Kim-(International School of Sacred Heart). I noticed that Damin was using quake legends as jokes. I also noticed that from fear the boy might have forgotten about using the bathroom. This event made me think that the disasters in Japan affceted people mentally and physically.“But still I was very scared.” This story made me feel how experiencing the event might have been too frightening.  http://quakestories.wikispaces.com/International+School+of+the+Sacred+Heart