Japan Works to Recover From One of the Greatest Disasters of 2011

Apr 30, 2014
by: ntpotts

On March 11, 2014 an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 hit off the coast of Japan. The earthquake was felt throughout Japan. However the true disaster was the massive tsunami, with 30 foot high waves, that hit the island country later that day. The effects of this earthquake and tsunami are seen today and will be seen far into the future.
The disastrous waves left Japan with many dead, many more injured, countless homeless, and one of the biggest nuclear disasters our world has seen. The tsunami has brought to attention environmental issues such as debris floating in the ocean and eventually ending up on the coast of the U.S. As well as the areas of Japan now deemed unlivable due to radiation levels. Then there is the social issue of rebuilding a society. Despite this Japan is resilient, and are fighting back. This tragedy is filled with pain and suffering, but japan and it's people haven't let it deter them, once again building their country from the ground to the be one the greatest countries of the world.

link to video of tsunami: