Japanese culture - Blood type can determine personality

Apr 19, 2009
by: bmong

Japanese blood type theory influenced Japanese a lot. Most of the Japanese thought blood type can reflect people's temperament and personality. In Japan, there are many products are due to blood type theory such as drinks, gums, bathing soap...etc. I found it interesting and wanted to know whether Japanese blook type theory can really reflect people's personality.

As I was reading in my Google Reader, a magazine article, "Personality traits by blood type - Japanese Concepts," http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art22988.asp, caught my attention because through this article, I know that personality classified by blood type is a Japanese idea. I found that it was interesting because there are some paragraphs talking about how blood type personality influenced in Japan and some of its history. There are also some brief introduction about how to classified humans' personality by blood type.

The quote I chose here is basically saying that the blood type personality is ludicrous and unscientific so it was insulting to say the least.

I think this is descriptive because it told that why blood type personality is not accurate enough to understand people's personality. This is important, although I know that blood type personality can not tell people's personality accurately, this method of knowing people's personality influenced a lot in Japanese culture. And nowadays, there are some Japanese companies still divided workers by blood types. This article also talked about how is the difference of different blood types and personality. But it has mentioned that this kind of  blood type personality method is not due to Rh Factors. Now, I am thinking that if Japanese personality blood type is not scientific, why there are so many Japanese people believed to this theory? I am going to find out more about this.

Due to the magazine article I read recently, I knew briefly about why Japanese blood type theory is not accurate enough to tell people's personality. However, people knew that blood type is not scientific, why Japanese still believed in this kind of theory? Because of this question, I found some information about this topic.

As I was reading in my Google Reader, a blog post, "Blood Types - Capillaries hold key to character,"Japan visitor, http://www.japanvisitor.com/index.php?cID=359&pID=329#", it is a post talking about Japanese blood type culture by the Japan travel guide. I think the information in the post should be accurate and clear so it caught my attention.

"In Japan, you are what you bleed. Blood type is a common way of defining temperament and personality, much like horoscopes in Western countries."

This quote answered my query about why Japanese still believed in blood type personality theory although it was disproved by modern science. In Japan, Furukawa Takeji(1891-1940) proposed that humans can be divided by two types. Personality type A were generally mild tempered and intellectual while type B were opposite. Scientists found that Asian mostly had type B personality. However, Caucasians were not. Ancient people thought that blood type B were almost in animals, that's why they thought Asian were inferior and lower in the evolutionary scale. At that time, Japanese were interested in blood type theory because of their reaction against Western racism. That's why Japanese were deeply influenced by the blood type personality theory since 1931.

Although Japanese blood type theory cannot tell accurately about how is a person's personality, it gradually becomes a part of Japanese culture rather than a theory. And because of this blood type culture, it brings a big influence to Japan. For instance, there was a new blank added for blood type on the work application form. It is used to have better assess the potential employees’ temperament. Moreover, we can see some details in Japanese daily lives can also affected by blood type such as blood type chewing gum, soft drinks, calendars and blood type condoms. Even during World War II, Japan’s Imperial Army is rumored to have formed battle groups according to blood type. We can see how blood type theory bring a great hit to Japan.

I also found that there is a movie in Korean called "My Boyfriend is Type B". The premise of this comedy comes from the Japanese blood type theory of personality, which proposed a person's blood type can determine their personality. It is an interesting that I recommend to people who want to know more about Japanese blood type personality.

Blood type condom machine.

This is a blood type condom vending machine in Hita Kyushu, Japan.

Through this research, I found that although Japanese personality cannot determine people's personality accurately, this theory brought a big influence to Japanese. It gradually becomes part of the Japanese lives and a craze in Japan. And what I noticed about Japanese blood type personality theory is that it looks simiar to the western zodiac signs and the Chinese twelve animal signs. Even though they are not scientific, they influenced people's lives a lot and become a part of a country's culture. People love to know things about themselves, however, they should understand those theories are unscientific enough and should take them too serious.


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Wow that is very interesting XD I want to know what my blood type means! I like your post a lot :3

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