Japan's earthquake and tsunami incident

Mar 21, 2011
by: ctai

    Recently in English we've been studying that Japan just been affected by an earthquake and a tsunami. At first I thought, what have caused this terrifying incident to occur. There are many natural disasters out their in the world, but this is one of the worst that we have experienced. Even though it wasn't the main cities in Japan, a lot of people lost their loved ones and their homes. When I read "2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami", I started to think how can Japan recover from this huge incident. Many people's lives were being taken away and people just lost everything they can possibly have. I feel bad for the people in Japan because what have these people done for them to deserve all this?

     Many people out in the road are still looking for their loved ones and some are even riding on bikes. I know that many people don't really care about this incident because they don't have families living in Japan or it didn't happen here in the United States, but people have to open their hearts and care about others.What if it did affect the United States, other people in other countries would try to help as well. After doing this study, Japan I believe can recover from this incident, but they have to be more cautious. Even though they experience earthquakes every other day, it might not be worst as this one with the magnitude of 8.9, people still have to keep an eye out of what is going on in the world. For example, I heard people are showing pictures to others and asking around "Have you seen this person"? There were many people who spoke about their experience or have been even hit by this tsunami. There are a lot of people who don't care about this situation because people don't have connections to the people in Japan. Even though these are not the problems that are occurring in the United States, people should still feel some pity for these people and try to help these people out. There are many incidents that can be prevented, but natural disasters can't. You can't control an earthquake or a tsunami from occurring. It is a natural disaster which no one can stop.

    Japan right now is filled with darkness right now and a lot of people are dead and gone missing. They are still many survivors out there that are being waited to be found. Many people are in danger because they have no homes and many of these people are going to starve to death. These people have nothing to eat at all. Many people who are being found are sent to the hosptial due to major damages on their body. These cuts on their body will leave them with fear that they will never forget. Even though, after this incident people are still scared that something like this is going to happen again.

    I just read a Wikipedia article, "2011 Sendai earth and tsunami," Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Sunday March 13,2011, http://en.wikipedia.or/w/index.php?title=2011_Sendai_earthquake_and_tsunami&oldid=418705565. I like this article because it explains the disaster that is going on in Japan and what actually really happened. It told us how strong the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. A lot of people are dead due to this horrible disaster and their are still many missing bodies to find.
    One sentence from this article that stands out for me is: "The earthquake triggered tsunami warnings and evacuations from Japan's Pacific coast and at least 20 countries, including the entire Pacific coast of North America and South America." I think this is important because couldn't these people have escaped to a higher ground and survive this tsunami or was it too late? These people had no choice, it was too late for them to escape.

    Another quote that stuck out to me from an interview that the reporters had with a man that witnessed the tsunami. This guy has been living in Japan for a while and he never witnessed such disaster like this. He was terrified and all he saw was homes being swept away.

    " I walked for 20 hours trying to look for my girlfriend. I looked everywhere for her and asked people if they saw her or not."

Unfortunately he kept on looking around and couldn't find her. He didn't want to be seperated from the women he loved and it is really sad to see that a married couple got seperated from each other. Many people gone missing and these people could not be found. This man won't stop looking for his wife until he has found her. He will look day and night on his bike until he does. Every morning and every night he would ask people have they seen her and all the answers he would get is "No". Even with answers like this this man still has hope that he will find his wife.

Seeing the article  Blast at Japan nuke plant; 10,000 missing after quake, a quote stood out for me that said "a massive earthquake and tsunami left more thatn 1,000 dead and at least 10,000 unaccounted for." March 15,2011 by Hiroshi Hiyami. google.com/.../ALeqM5jtFJee871dFaHe... This quote made me realize how harsh this incident actually was. There are so many people dead yet there are more people that are missing. These people that are gone missing, have the rescurers found them yet?

Many people knew that the incident of the earthquake was going to occur, but they didn't know that it was going to be that horrible with the magnitude of 9.0. This magnitude never occured before in Japan because over there they have earthquakes every other day. It was like an experience that people never dealt with before. Many people even stood and watched and next thing they realized was a huge tsunami that hit the city. Many people tried to escape with the fear that they were going to die. Next thing they know they see cars and homes being swept away. Many people in the cars tried to drive away, but they couldnt. Many of the survivors suffered harsh injuries.

Dear Andrew Tai,

I am an earthquake and tsunami survivor in Japan. I couldn't imagine something like this would have happened to me. I was so terrified when I saw the tsunami hit and I didn't know what to do. I just tried to stay calm in my car and I even tried driving away, but it was already too late. The tsunami hit my car and all I saw was homes and car being swept away and coming towards me. All I know was I was being hit with tons of things coming my way. I began to faint and the next thing I knew was I woke up in the hospital. It was a miracle that I have survived. I never thought I would have survived, but I did. I woke up with many injuries and a doctor that was taking care of me. I live with fear still, but I am happy that I am alive.

This incident terrified me as well because many people lost their lives and their loved ones.