Jennifer Aniston smart as Harvard!

Feb 8, 2012

Jennifer Aniston chose to make a plan to be happier and make a living for herself. At age 39, Aniston “has put the pieces to her personal happiness puzzle in place” (Jennifer Aniston’s happiness plan) Aniston’s five step plan to happiness covers basis such as “You’ve got to have friends”, “know the value of a splurge”, and “Do what you know how to do”. Her values on happiness seem like an apparent point of view. The happiness plan focuses on what makes Aniston happy and what it takes to fulfill the basic needs for human happiness.

Harvard Medical school school expressed nearly identical views on how to obtain happiness. “Finding and using your inner character strengths” is a supporting statement to Aniston’s “Do what you know how to do” statement on happiness by Harvard medical school. Yet another supported statement of Aniston’s by Harvard Medical School is her “know the value of a splurge”. This would be the idea of savouring pleasure. Harvard believes it is medically needed just as Aniston believes it will fulfill the need of it in life to be honestly happy. There must be pleasure in life in order for sincere happiness to occur. Aniston’s idea of a splurge indicates that “there also has to be room for some spontaneous fun.” Aniston tells us all to savour the moments of pleasure just as Harvard tells us in “Savouring pleasure”.

Happiness is a medical need which living without would cause great discomfort in life. Aniston and Harvard tell us how to make a good happiness that would last a lifetime. Listening to these two experts is essential to living life on the happy high.