Jimmy and sasha's good advice

Mar 15, 2016
by: tmyrick

I just listened to a speech from Jimmy Grey Jr and Sasha Santigo that happened in b50b.. My class and I was there. Jimmy and Sasha was there to tell their stories from being nobody, and to somebody.

‘If you want something so bad, do it.’’

Hearing this quote just made me see that everyone has a talent and not a lot of people choose the wrong things and abuse that talent they were given. This means to me that I can be whoever I choose to be in life as long as i’m doing my best.We all want to give up in life and that is not the answer. I Think of life as a math problem. I always say, you keep trying to find the answer in your life and you never to seem to find it. But, one day you finally answer that problem and be happy that you did.

Another quote is, ‘’follow your heart’’. Following your heart is the most important things for a person’s dreams, we all have dreams and we all want to be something in life. But, it takes hard work for it to happen.

Seeing this quote again, I see what jimmy and sasha meant. They never gave up when it was hard for them to do.

Another quote is, ‘’we all want to quit.’’

It is very true that we all want to give up.But giving up is just like to stop walking place to place.We don’t give up because when you give up you don’t complete what you want to complete. Or more like, building a house. You start building a house and you give up on it. How will be it be completed if you don’t finish it?