Jun 9, 2009
by: mshah

 I just started to reading Johny Got his gun. I like to read this  because it  is so painful. It teach people about the war. People should thank all the army people because we are safe in here because of the army. If no one would join the army, the nation will be finished. some other country will take over it. This book has similar story so far. The character is wounded and also his father died. Its painful story.

think Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo is fantastic because of all the things in my mind about this book are fantastic.The book makes me more patient, and also it helps me to learn to be a peaceful person at all times.


A passage from pg 80-90 tat seems important to me is: "But it happened gradually joint by joint and so there he was alive and they could not kill him now because that could be a murder." I think this is so common in the war time because when doctors started to discuss something like this, they decide whether a patient will die or not. It will be very important for the men in the story who had lost his limbs for the loss.


Another part that stresses me a lot is: ''Oh hell! There were a lot of funny things happened in the this man's war. Anything could be true. You heard about them all the time. One guy had whole top of his stomach shot away so they took his skin and meat from his a dead men and they made a flap over the first guy'ds stomach.'' This is a example of something important in this story. It shows that in the war, area people might eat other to feed themselves when they in the starvation.This paragraph represents bloodshed and violence, a big theme in Johnny Got His Gun.That seems very important to the book. If somebody kills without reasons and just wants to eat your body, it's very scary.


This section of Johnny Got His Gun reminds me that of "Normandy." The men all die in the Battle of Normandy in World War ll. It is most bloody battle in the human history.

What is probably going to happen next is the doctor will decide if the patients die without operations that might save their lives.I am looking forward to reading rest of the book because it is the best book I had read so far.



i agree with your post, but

Submitted by khassan on Tue, 2009-06-09 14:46.

i agree with your post, but i don't agree with what you said with the army. its the fact every country in the world has an army is whats going to destroy the country. wait, scratch that. not our country only. the entire world. nice post, it gets better too. have fun!