Jonas doesnt do anything to help

Mar 29, 2009
by: ctai
Favorite books

The Giver by Lois Lowry: Jonas reaction to the baby's death is to cease to care of what happened to the other members in the society. Jonas now holds the opposite point of view of what he is seeing and now he only wants to rescue himself and the Giver from dangerous conditions of the community. He is being selfish I think because now he doesnt even care about anyone else but himself and the Giver. Jonas needs to learn how to care for others as well and now he is learning about his emotions and compassons and the things that the community rejects to help it. I think that Jonas should do something to help instead of reject to help at all.

I think The Giver, by Mark Haddon is sad because I think Jonas is really being a selfish person and not doing anything to help anyone and basically it just seems like he just cares about himself and no one esle besides him and the Giver. I think Jonas didn't learn anything at all and I also think that Jonas doesn't have a kind loving heart to even care about others first. He should care about other's first before himself.

A passage from pages #152 - #153 that seems important is: "I am empowered to lie. But I never lied to you. Jonas stared at him. Release is always like that? For people who break the rules three times? For the old? Do they kill the old too?" I think this is interesting because I don't think anyone should lie or anything because it is a bad thing to do. I think everyone should just tell the truth even though they did something wrong. The truth is better than telling a lie. People should not kill anyone because everyone deserves to live and everyone can always change into a better person.

Another part that I disliked was: "Then, in the middle of the night before the Ceremony, Jonas would secretly leave his dwelling. This was porbably the most dangerous part, because it was a violation of a major rule for any citizen to leave a dwlling at night. " This is an example of something important in this book. It shows that Jonas is not following the laws or anything and he is just breaking the laws and doing whatever he wants to do now. He knows not to break the rules of leaving the dwelling, but he still does it anyways.

This section of The Giver reminds me of something I saw in Youth Voices. khassan posted "the giver is awesome" This reminds me of how interesting the book, The Giver is and how Jonas has to go through many things throughout his life. The Giver is a really awesome book, and I think Jonas changed a lot after meeting the Giver. Jonas I think kind of changed as well because he stopped taking pills and he can see colors now. That was the same thing khassan mentioned.

What's probably going to happen next is that Jonas freedom about all his consequences becomes clearer to him and that his choices for himself is different. Jonas also recognizes the different actions he has made and learned how to eliminate his choices and Jonas finally sees the disadvantages and advantages as well. He decides that one important thing in life is choice and people with choice needs to accept many different actions and consequences and that will make them happier.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this book because I want to see if Jonas is going to make the right choices in life and see if that makes him happier. Jonas learns how to accept his consequences it said and I want to find out did he really accept his consequences or did he not. I also want to know if he learned about his advantages and his disadvantages in life.