The Joy Luck Club

Apr 25, 2009
by: JHuang2
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                                                               The Joy Luck Club
I have been reading the book “The Joy Luck Club” written by Amy Tan for three or four weeks now I must say that it have help me understand a lot on life in the old days. It’s sometimes hard to read on, because of the things that happen to her at such young age. For example she had to marry a man that she had never seen before, just because of a promise that she made to her mother.

     It’s the first time reading a book that is written by this another. I don’t know much about the another before I read the book. Now that I have read the book I knew more about her, because in the book she talks much about her life.

     A passage on page 64 that I can’t understand is “For all these years I kept my mouth closed so selfish desires would not fall out.” This passage was written right after the end of her marriage that she somehow talks over.  I said the passage is somehow hard to understand, because many years have pass by is normal to talk to someone about it and it over with, so less problems will come up later.

     This section of The Joy Luck Club reminds me of something that happens to a family that was living next to were my family is living in. His father has ask him to marry a girl that he never meet before. Before I can see what happen at the end, I move.

     What is probably going to happen next in the story is she will end up founding someone better and having few kids.




cool nice story. finish that

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Submitted by Odarri on Sat, 2009-04-25 22:48.

cool nice story. finish that book. I like it, I should read that next time.