The Joy Luck Club - a different and new way to make a different story

Feb 11, 2009
by: kbaik
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I have just read pages 125 - 132 in The Joy Luck Club, and i found this chapter to be pretty interesting. This chapter had to do with a girl that was obsessed with chess. She was very interested and devoted to chess.

A line that i found interesting was: "I just want you to try your best not be perfect." i too felt that my parents are asking too much from me. The main character could not help but shout at here mother, saying things that she did not really mean to say.

I found it interesting as the story goes on the main character meets an old man that teaches her how to be better. She practices every day with them early, and she starts entering tournaments.

I would like to continue reading this book because all the stories are related to the next story and I find that to be a different and new way to make a different story.


Ah! Spoilers! I just skimmed

Submitted by aru on Mon, 2009-03-16 11:49.

Ah! Spoilers! I just skimmed through your post because I haven't read up to there yet! That chapter sounds interesting and I hope to read further to catch up. I also like that quote because acceptance is what most people want in life. Just to know you are welcome somewhere by someone is a good feeling. Good luck with the book. I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do.