Joyce Carol Oates

Jun 9, 2013
by: Angelica

When i started reading Sexy by Joyce Carol Oates, i found this book very heart warming. Darren is very insecure about himself and feels that every one else thinks the worse about him. Darren's family think he's too soft and that just makes him feel worse about himself. What Darren doesn't know is that many girls find him attractive and a good swimmer, he isn't like those other rude hot guys.

Many people don't realize that when they make unnecessary comments those people who are being judged take it seriously and it really affects them.

Darren knows how to respect everyone even his teachers. After he found out that his gay teacher finds him attractive. One of the guys from Darren's swimming team got kicked off the team thanks to that specific teacher and that student planned revenge. He makes him look bad in front of everyone else and he Darren jumps in to defend him. Darren makes himself look like a good guy without even trying.

If we all just say thank you and walk away the next time someone is judging us we feel better than ever.