Juan's song

Jun 10, 2009
by: jlima

What's the Difference Between Violet and Purple

Reaching into my pocket looking for some kind of temptation
I'm about to snap
Everybody  is painted  in red and I'm painted in black
I'm about to snap
It's been a long time since I've seen a rose in a garden of dead weeds
I'm ready to let go
Release my anchor that's pulling me from behind
I'm running to you, I'm finally running
I'm getting tired, I'm stopping
I'm getting frustrated, I don't want to give up
Give me a boost
Are you even there
It seems like I'm walking a lot but I'm not even moving
What's going on
I'm getting confused I'm getting wrapped around my own finger
Confusion is my disease

Choking on cleansing air
What a beautiful way to die
But I'm horribly weak